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Gaels Chat: Horror movie favorites

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Take a deep dive into the horror movies with fellow Gaels.

As we enter the first week of October, people across the world have started to get into the spooky spirit and end the night with a good horror movie, as Halloween is right around the corner. Each year, there are classics rewatched, new films seen for the first time and of course, opinions about every single one. To help guide your watch for the upcoming spooky season, here are some of your fellow Gaels’ Halloween favorites and classics. 


When asked about her favorite Halloween or horror movies, sophomore, Kristina Menta, revealed that her top three choices are “Scream,” “Sinister” and “Coraline.”  


“I know that ‘Coraline’ might be considered a kid’s movie, but that doesn’t change the fact that it’s also so scary,” Menta said. “As for the other two, I think they’re horror classics, and if you’re looking to get scared, you can’t go wrong with ‘Scream’ or ‘Sinister.’”  


Senior, Brianna Conlon, shares some of the same love for “Scream” that Menta does. 


“I’m not a big fan of horror but I love slashers,” Conlon said. “The comedy in it is top tier as well as the plot twists, not to mention, the cute actors are always a nice bonus.”  


Junior, Isabella Cioffi, revealed that she has one scary movie that she consistently rewatches every Halloween, a 2019 folk horror film called “Midsommar.” 


“There’s a bunch of subliminal messages throughout the movie and things that can go unnoticed, and when you do see it, it sends a shiver down your spine,” Cioffi said. “It was also very psychologically thrilling, which I love in horror movies.”  


Junior, Tristan Loyola, says that he consistently rewatches three movies around Halloween, which are “Hereditary,” “The Shining” and “Scooby Doo.”  


“I really like ‘Hereditary’ because it was the most disturbing psychological thriller that I have ever seen, my mind never really wraps around it, even when I rewatch it,” Loyola said. “‘The Shining,’ I also really like because it’s, to me, the most classic Horror movie with such a good plot and Scooby-Doo lets room in for some nostalgic laughs in between all the horror.” 


Senior, Yuying Zhang, also shares some love for “The Shining” around spooky season.  “Shelley Duvall was amazing and the whole setting of the film is interesting and cinematic,” Zhang said. “I also really liked the little kid, Danny, and appreciated his acting, which makes the movie an easy rewatch for me.” 


As for my own personal Halloween favorites, I must say “The Conjuring,” “Insidious 2” and “Annabelle: Creation” always work their way into my Halloween rewatches. As someone who is a huge fan of horror dramas that have to do with ghosts, these options have me shaking in my seat every rewatch. This remains true even if I know that jump scare is coming. If you want to watch some movies with a good plot and to be scared of the dark later that night, watch the ones recommended by my fellow Gaels and me. 


 Stay spooky this Halloween, and show love to the horrors, classic and new. 


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