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Four years in review

Giovanni Paolo Tagliafierro, Sports Editor May 5, 2022

The thought of graduating college in nearly two weeks feels surreal. I know that this feeling is mutual with a lot of my peers, and I am aware that many, many graduates before me have felt the same thing.     In...

Is my Instagram explore page rotting my brain?

Kerri Shea, Advertising Manager April 21, 2022

Trust me when I say I could spend hours scrolling through the videos that were selected for my explore page on Instagram. Everyone’s pages look different, but mine, in particular, is questionable. There...

The woes of being hypersensitive

Tiffany Persaud, Features & Lifestyle Editor March 31, 2022

         I cry in my bed almost every day. Sometimes I know why, sometimes I don’t. My pillow and cat-patterned blanket have seen me at my worst. I’ve cried out of hurt and pain to the point...

Learning to not live my life with a roadmap

Joseph Ferrer, Arts & Entertainment Editor March 12, 2022

In September of this year, I’ll be turning 21 and will make the full transition to a “real” adult. In a few short months, I’ll be the same age that my parents were 26 years ago when they got engaged....

Saying yes and it looks worse than it is: Two lessons learned as editor-in-chief

Margaret Dougherty, Editor-In-Chief March 12, 2022

It’s 2:36 a.m. right now and I’m about to write a meta article. I’ve consumed three separate sources of caffeine today: two Starbucks drinks and one strange artificially flavored energy drink that...

The dangerous shield of online anonymity and dealing with toxic behavior online

Joseph Ferrer, Arts & Entertainment Editor February 24, 2022

Online platforms have proven to be incredibly powerful tools for communication and when used properly, can provide people with genuine experiences that would not be easily accessible or even possible in...

We have lost the meaning of the rom-com

Emily Varker, Copy Editor February 13, 2022

Those who know me know that I am firmly un-romantic. To quote some songs, I do not think “love is all around,” that “all you need is love,” etc. However, my cynicism for romance does not necessarily...

Gatekeeping isn’t THAT bad

Kerri Shea, Advertising Manager January 27, 2022

It’s hard today to find someone with a phone that doesn’t have TikTok downloaded. I mean, my mom screenshotted a gif once to send it to me, and even she briefly had the app on her phone. TikTok has...

All my friends hate me and all of my hilarious thoughts on the bus ride home

Jocelyn Arroyo-Ariza, News Editor January 27, 2022

I am tried. I have only slept at most three hours, which has once again become the norm. I can barely open my eyes. I have to do some much. Not only I am a full time student with extracurricular activities...

An argument for the Oxford comma

Margaret Dougherty, Editor-In-Chief December 9, 2021

If there are three things I love in life, it would be dogs, Tostito’s lime chips and the Oxford comma. Fellow grammar enthusiasts may have noticed the glaring hypocrisy in that sentence. Let me...

Reading for fun is important, so sometimes I have to change what I’m reading

Emily Varker, Copy Editor November 18, 2021

Like any good English major worth their sweater, I love reading. I’ve loved reading for basically as long as I can remember. My first memories surrounding reading involves a program called “Reading...

Why adopting a shelter pet is the better option 

Megan Josephs, Social Media Manager November 18, 2021

The lonely, hopeless look in Grace’s eyes at the animal rescue is a look I will never forget. The sheer trauma and lack of tranquility she had experienced in her days as a stray in South Carolina was...

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