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I can’t do this again, and that’s okay.

Joseph Ferrer, Arts & Entertainment Editor May 4, 2023

If you asked me at the start of my senior year how I thought I would feel while sitting down and writing my final opinion for the Ionian, I probably would have said that I’d be emotional and in tears...

See You Next Fall

Kerri Shea, Advertising Manager May 4, 2023

In about two weeks, I will be a college graduate. This issue is most likely full of seniors reflecting on their time at Iona. There are so many things I appreciate about being here, and there are some...

An Open Letter to my Freshman Year Self

Margaret Dougherty, Editor-In-Chief May 4, 2023

Dear Maggie,  Hello again. I wanted to write you (us?) this letter not because I think you need it, but because part of me wishes you did have this advantage. Thinking back to August 25, 2019, here’s...

The New York Yankees will win the 2023 World Series

Lachlan Wellington, Sports Editor April 20, 2023

So I am back with another sporting hot take and after my last one (‘England will win the World Cup') did not quite come true I am back again hoping that this one will come true. Despite England losing...

Ionian Copyediting Position

Emily Varker, Chief Copy Editor April 20, 2023

As I sit here preparing to write what is likely my last opinion for the Ionian, it’s hard not to lean into schmaltz. To combat this, I will therefore not offer you an overly emotional piece about how...

Time flies when you’re overwhelmed

Kerri Shea, Advertising Manager March 30, 2023

As much as I’d love to say senior year was ‘super fun’ and full of memories I’ll never forget, the truth is I can barely recall anything from the fall semester. I always had high expectations for...

How traveling abroad helped me appreciate carving my own path

Joseph Ferrer, Arts & Entertainment Editor March 30, 2023

For most of my life, traveling never felt overly special. The only places I’ve visited consisted of tropical beaches and sunny vacation destinations and while that was satisfying for the rest of my family...

Why Angie Cruz’ novel, “Soledad,” is an important read

Niomi Nunez, Features & Lifestyle Editor March 12, 2023

In the sweaty summer of 2007, my mother chopped all her “pelo bueno” off and started wearing maxi skirts that stretched past the souls of her strappy sandals. Ashamed of her hair’s new growth, my...

How to save money as a college student

Kaylin Flukey, Managing Editor March 12, 2023

One of the most common words associated with college students is “broke.” We are paying for our education while also trying to enjoy the four very short years we have in college. As a full-time student...

Rihanna’s Super Bowl performance was still good

Lachlan Wellington, Sports Editor February 25, 2023

In the words of Shaquille O’Neal, I believe that people underwhelmed by Rihanna’s Super Bowl halftime performance should “shut your face.”     Just kidding, you are entitled to your opinion,...

Reflecting on high school trauma and using it to help redirect those close to me

Joseph Ferrer, Arts & Entertainment Editor February 25, 2023

This upcoming graduation season is a particularly eventful one for my family and me. While I’m gearing up to finish my education and enter the workforce and my younger brother is preparing to enter into...

The loss of the girl

Jocelyn Arroyo-Ariza, News Editor February 13, 2023

I think it is a universal experience that something bad happens at 19. I hope earnestly that everyone reading the paper never has to fill out a restraining order. Regardless, I could have chosen to open...

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