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 Waco is some of the tastiest off-campus food you could get with your meal plan.

Restaurant reviews: Westchester Taco Grill is the star of off-campus dining options

Luis Lopez, Staff Writer November 17, 2022

Nothing says off-campus food like a meal from Westchester Taco Grill. “Waco” - as some people call it - is located on 712 North Ave and offers a lot of delicious dishes for students to enjoy. I have...

Getting up in the morning can be dreadful, but here are some tips that can help make your morning routine a little less dreadful.

Five tips to improve your morning routine

Genesis Bolton, Staff Writer November 17, 2022

Have you ever heard of the saying, “What you do in the morning sets your tone for the day?” Well, this is in fact true. What you do in the mornings determines how productive, happy and joyful you will...

Music is a universal language that many people bond over.

Who gets the AUX: Federica Mantini’s personal account on music and relationships 

Federica Mantini, Contributing Writer November 17, 2022

I’m in the car with my friend Sam. She is a senior majoring in journalism. We’re driving two hours upstate to go see some dead writer’s estate auction exhibit. The radio plays a Beatles song. “We...

Since its start in 2021, Iona’s esports team has provided a new narrative to sports and athleticism.

Esports: Redefining what it means to be an ‘athlete’

Niomi Nunez, Features & Lifestyle Editor November 17, 2022

“She shoots, she scores,” or in the case of esports “she clicks, she scores.” One of Iona University’s newest sports is played behind a screen rather than on the field, but it still requires...

Everything you need to know about coffee consumption.

The pros and cons of drinking coffee

Genesis Bolton, Contributing Writer November 3, 2022

Every single day, millions of people wake up craving the sweet, bitter taste of coffee. For many people, coffee brings them a sense of dopamine, and for others, coffee is a substance that is a need to...

Meta believes virtual reality is key to a more connective future.

The Metaverse: Going above and beyond reality

Niomi Nunez, Features & Lifestyle Editor November 3, 2022

What better way to be a part of reality than virtually? Mark Zuckerberg’s technology parent company Meta says that there’s no better way. Meta’s newest project is “the Metaverse,” an immersive...

New Rochelle Diner’s menu offers an assortment of delicious comfort foods.

Restaurant reviews: A meal for any hour of the day at New Rochelle Diner

Luis Lopez, Staff Writer November 3, 2022

Diner food is the perfect kind of food for any hour of any day, and the New Rochelle Diner is the place to be. Located at 850 Main Street, New Rochelle, the New Rochelle Diner is an inviting old-school...

Green’s recent performance in the Iona Players’ “Into to the Woods” proves Iona University’s freshman class is full of talent.

Alyssa Green: A superstar in the making

Niomi Nunez, Features & Lifestyle November 3, 2022

True talent hit Murphy Auditorium’s stage when Alyssa Green stunned the crowd with performances as “the Witch” in the Iona Players production of “Into the Woods.” At just 17 years old, Green...

How long are you able to stay engaged in a conversation before it becomes unbearable?

The declining health of social batteries

Niomi Nunez, Features & Lifestyle Editor October 22, 2022

Conversations that last longer than 10 minutes are starting to feel like an extinct species. These days, meaningful conversations seem to last about 4 minutes before full sentences transition into long...

The Mirage’s menu is comprised of various foods, stretching from breakfast to dinner.

Restaurant reviews: The diverse options and welcoming atmosphere of The Mirage

Luis Lopez, Staff Writer October 20, 2022

Restaurants and cafes are two fine types of establishments but combining them creates something even better. The Mirage Restaurant & Café thrives as a combination of a café and a restaurant. It is...

 In this day and age love is a desired yet foreign concept.

Love in the time of desperation

Niomi Nunez, Features & Lifestyle Editor October 20, 2022

Whatever happened to walking into a diner and meeting the love of your life, or looking up from your laptop to see an infatuated somebody looking back? More importantly, whatever happened to respect in...

Colleges and universities across NY state are contributing to the growing issue of gentrification.

Changing colors: The issue of gentrification in university and college towns

Niomi Nunez, Features & Lifestyle Editor October 20, 2022

 There are two families living differently in the same neighborhood—family #1 has been a part of that neighborhood for 15 years, while family #2 just moved in. The parents from family #1 are struggling...

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