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“Mario Movie” becomes first film of 2023 to cross the $1 billion box office threshold.

“Super Mario” makes box office history, surpassing $1 billion in less than one month

Joseph Ferrer, Arts & Entertainment Editor May 4, 2023

For a company with as many recognizable brands and characters as it has, Nintendo has been averse to dipping its toes into expanding its franchises outside of the scope of games and into the larger world...


Marvel Phase 4 featured characters

Throwback corner: Marvel Studios’ Phase 4 ends with its heroes showing they can’t always escape painful realities

Brandon Fairweather, Contributing Writer May 4, 2023

Following a considerably traumatic conclusion to its decade-long series of movies in “Avengers: Endgame,” Marvel Studios faced the challenge of moving on from an impactful finish to one part of their...

Matt Damon and Viola Davis star in Air.

“Air” recounts story of Nike’s elevation to the top of sneaker industry

Connor Coppola, Staff Writer April 20, 2023

Oscar-winning director and actor Ben Affleck returns to the big screen co-starring in “Air” with his best friend Matt Damon. The film made audiences levitate in the theater and takes viewers through...

Adam Driver stars in a space adventure where he must protect a little girl on a prehistoric alien planet

‘65’ is mediocre, prehistoric space adventure featuring Adam Driver

Connor Coppola, Arts & Entertainment Editor March 31, 2023

When a buddy of mine and I were bored on a Tuesday night, we decided to go the movies, and we settled for a movie that I never heard about - “65” with famous actor Adam Driver. I had no idea what the...

Ghostface continues to bring chills in the sixth installment of the iconic horror series.

‘Scream VI’ continues to elevate the franchise’s strengths and legacy

Jamie Sullivan, Contributing Writer March 31, 2023

Over 25 years after the release of the original films, horror fans were greeted with  the sixth installment of the popular “Scream” franchise in early March. After the success of the fifth film last...

Dungeons & Dragons captures the thrills and spirit of the classic tabletop roleplaying game.

‘Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves’ captures what players love about the iconic tabletop game

Joseph Ferrer, Arts & Entertainment Editor March 31, 2023

For years, Dungeons & Dragons has been a staple tabletop game that has grown more popular with time as countless players utilize the freeform nature of the game to craft their own elaborate and creative...

Avatar The Way of the Water’s impressive special effects helps completely immerses the audience in its world.

“Avatar: The Way of Water” succeeds original film after 13 years

Genesis Bolton, Staff Writer February 23, 2023

After 13 long years of waiting, the first of four planned sequels, “Avatar: The Way of Water” hit theaters on Dec. 16, 2022. There are truly no words to describe the exhilarating feeling viewers experience...

Ant-Man feels like a standard Marvel affair but the cracks of the MCU’s formula are starting to show.

‘Ant-Man: Quantumania’ kicks off Marvel’s next phase with enjoyable but predictable start

Joseph Ferrer, Arts & Entertainment Editor February 23, 2023

When the first “Ant-Man” film came out nearly 8 years ago, it still felt like Marvel could largely focus on telling fun, engaging stories first and focus on weaving plots into a large interconnected...

M3GAN paints a disturbing picture of AI technology.

‘M3GAN’ sets high bar for horror genre

Jamie Sullivan, Contributing Writer February 13, 2023

The horror genre is far from being without movies about killer dolls. From “Child’s Play” to “Annabelle,” fans don’t have to look far to find something that will make them scared of their toys....

Anya Taylor-Joy and Ralph Fiennes bring undeniable charm to this food-centric dark comedy.

“The Menu” serves laughs, scares in over-the-top dark comedy

Joseph Ferrer, Arts & Entertainment Editor February 13, 2023

Debuting in theaters late last year, “The Menu” cooks up a disturbingly delectable dark comedy centered around haute cuisine. On an island where only the richest members of society come to experience...

Puss in Boots surprises with its creative energy and a thoughtful story.

“Puss in Boots” surprises with visually distinct animation alongside heartfelt story

Joseph Ferrer, Arts & Entertainment Editor February 13, 2023

There was little reason to suspect that a sequel to a throwaway spinoff movie from 2011 would be anything worth anticipating. However, “Puss in Boots: The Last Wish” manages to in a film that is not...

Daniel Craig plays famous detective among an all-star cast in the sequel to Knives Out.

‘Glass Onion’ brings mystery, suspense as worthy sequel to ‘Knives Out’

Jamie Sullivan, Contributing Writer January 27, 2023

When it was announced that Rian Johnson’s film ‘Knives Out’ would become a franchise, many fans expressed skepticism about how preceding installments would hold up to the original. “Glass Onion,”...

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