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Saving money on a tight budget can be challenging as a college student, but it doesn’t have to be.

‘Savings money’ for college students

Niomi Nunez, Features & Lifestyle Editor January 27, 2023

Saving money as a college student is like trying to hold sand with your hand—it just slips through your fingers. There is always some new expense or reckless behavior taunting your savings account.   There...

New year and same old you. Here are some tips to help you stick to your new year’s resolution this time around.

Sticking to your new year’s resolutions

Niomi Nunez, Features & Lifestyle Editor January 27, 2023

Almost a month into the new year, and you still haven’t started working out every other day, eating healthier, reading more, saving money, etc. It’s the same new year’s resolution you’ve been trying...

Achieving feng shui in your space is a great way to start the new year.

Feng Shui: Organizing your space and life

Niomi Nunez, Features & Lifestyle Editor January 27, 2023

The first place people turn to when hoping to start fresh is their home. Rearranging your home or bedroom can be challenging at times, but the principles of the ancient Chinese practice feng shui make...

From chicken sandwiches to chicken nuggets, Chicken Joes will leave you satisfied.

Food for everyone at Chicken Joe’s

Luis Lopez, Staff Writer January 27, 2023

Chicken and French fries are a match made in heaven and the specialty of New Rochelle's most famous chicken establishment, Chicken Joe’s. It’s located on 768 North Ave, which is less than a five-minute...

Dr. Munsch’s work with DEIB proves that Iona University strives for more when it comes to diversifying campus and promoting inclusivity.

Diversifying campus: A job for everyone

Niomi Nunez, Features & Lifestyle Editor December 8, 2022

If there are two things that have a difficult time co-existing, it is diversity and higher education. The two make an interesting equation that professionals like Dr. Alison Munsch of Iona University are...

After its long-awaited return, SHTG has made quite the comeback with its smokey and tangy BBQ flavors.

Restaurant reviews: Smokehouse Tailgate Grill brings BBQ classics to North Ave

Luis Lopez, Staff Writer December 8, 2022

Barbeque food is a delicious delicacy, but many people find it difficult to go to a consistently good barbecue spot. Look no further – Smokehouse Tailgate Grill is the place to be. Located on 587 North...

The holiday season slows down for no one, so if you forgot to buy that gift, here are some creative last minute Christmas gifts to consider.

Last minute Christmas gift ideas

Paul Lawani, Contributing Writer December 8, 2022

As the days toward Christmas begin to count down, it’s easy with a busy schedule to tend to forget about the season of thinking about others. Nonetheless you’re in luck because if you happen to want...

Iona’s newest cultural club is celebrating Italian heritage and culture across campus.

Iona University’s Italian Heritage and Culture in America Club

Niomi Nunez, Features & Lifestyle Editor December 8, 2022

The Italian Heritage and Culture in America or IHAC club is one of Iona University’s newest multicultural clubs. The club started in October of 2022, after sophomore Logan Balsan noticed the lack of...

 Waco is some of the tastiest off-campus food you could get with your meal plan.

Restaurant reviews: Westchester Taco Grill is the star of off-campus dining options

Luis Lopez, Staff Writer November 17, 2022

Nothing says off-campus food like a meal from Westchester Taco Grill. “Waco” - as some people call it - is located on 712 North Ave and offers a lot of delicious dishes for students to enjoy. I have...

Getting up in the morning can be dreadful, but here are some tips that can help make your morning routine a little less dreadful.

Five tips to improve your morning routine

Genesis Bolton, Staff Writer November 17, 2022

Have you ever heard of the saying, “What you do in the morning sets your tone for the day?” Well, this is in fact true. What you do in the mornings determines how productive, happy and joyful you will...

Music is a universal language that many people bond over.

Who gets the AUX: Federica Mantini’s personal account on music and relationships 

Federica Mantini, Contributing Writer November 17, 2022

I’m in the car with my friend Sam. She is a senior majoring in journalism. We’re driving two hours upstate to go see some dead writer’s estate auction exhibit. The radio plays a Beatles song. “We...

Since its start in 2021, Iona’s esports team has provided a new narrative to sports and athleticism.

Esports: Redefining what it means to be an ‘athlete’

Niomi Nunez, Features & Lifestyle Editor November 17, 2022

“She shoots, she scores,” or in the case of esports “she clicks, she scores.” One of Iona University’s newest sports is played behind a screen rather than on the field, but it still requires...

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