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Gaels Chat: Favorite Christmas Gifts

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Get an insightful look into the favorite Christmas gifts from your fellow Gaels.

Christmas, besides the welcoming of Santa Claus and decorating for the Winter season, is a time to show the people in our lives how much we love and care for them through the gifts we give and the things we do for one another. Gifts don’t always have to come in a box and wrapped with a bow, sometimes it can be bigger, deeper or just an act of kindness that is bestowed on someone else. To inspire you in your own gift-giving this year, or just to remind any of those who may have forgotten just how impactful kindness during the season can be, let’s hear from some of our fellow Gaels about the best Christmas gifts they’ve given or received and why it meant so much to them.   

Sophomore Kristina Menta says, “The best present I ever received, as silly as it sounds, were the black crocs my dad bought me in 2016 that I still wear to this day. I wear them still because it reminds me of how happy and excited, I was when I was surprised with them, and now crocs are my absolute favorite shoes.” Even a gift as simple as a pair of crocs held meaning for almost seven years since they were gifted. Just listening out for the small things that our loved ones enjoy, like Menta and her dad, can make a gift and a memory that lasts a lifetime.   

Next, Freshman Isabella Chiaramida says, “As for a gift I’ve given, my sister and I did little baskets of small gifts, like stocking stuffer types of things mixed with bigger things. It was so memorable because we split up in Target and shopped for each of our baskets separately, and she loved what was in hers. The memory of that is what makes it my favorite.” Not only can giving a heartfelt gift be something beautiful to look back on, but the time spent doing it could be equally as memorable as it was for Chiaramida.   

Senior Caroline Murphy also had a heartfelt gift to share. “The best gift I ever received was my brother coming home from the US military after being deployed for two years. I was sitting in my room writing music when the doorbell rang. When I opened the door, there stood my brother in his uniform finally home.” The gifts that we give and receive don’t just have to be physical. It can be something as profoundly beautiful as reuniting with a loved one who’s been away, like Murphy was. The memory and joy of that moment will be with her forever.  

Lastly, Junior Tristan Loyola says, “It was the summer coming into freshman year, and I had been working a lot the whole summer trying to make money. But, as a gift, my dad helped me put down a payment on my first car. I’ll never forget that.” Helping others with the things that are important to them is as beautiful a gesture as there is, and Loyola knows it firsthand as he reflects on the memory.   

I hope everyone takes the time this Christmas to inspire more fond memories of gifts given and received. Make that gesture and listen for the small things that can make the biggest difference, they matter! Merry Christmas!

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