Iona rebrands back to Iona College


Joseph Ferrer, Arts & Entertainment Editor

After less than a full academic year of achieving university status, Iona has officially rebranded back to Iona College. The change comes in an attempt to return Iona to its roots and keep the school in line with its past. When asked about the decision to change back to Iona College, President Seamus Carey, Ph.D. explained how the initial decision to become a university was to keep up with the times and stay trendy but now realizes that the old title fits best.  

“Sometimes, if it isn’t broken you shouldn’t fix it and we learned that the hard way. Being a university is honestly overrated anyway,” Carey said. 


In accordance with the name change, Iona will be reworking its branding across campus including the university lettering on the wall of the front gate as well as the various flags throughout campus. All clubs that had previously changed their name to fit alongside the university branding such as Iona University Television and WIUR will be forced to change their names as well. All evidence that Iona once had the title of university will also be scrubbed from the school’s social media accounts, website and any other corners of the internet.  


To coincide with the change of name, Iona will also be revoking all school gear with university branding and will charge a fine to any student seen on campus wearing apparel with the university branding. All student ID cards with the university label will also be deactivated and anyone that accidentally refers to Iona as a university will be subject to a fine. President Carey stresses that these harsh protocols are necessary to upkeep Iona’s public image. Just like with their decision to become a university, Iona is set to be a trendsetter in the academic world and potentially encourage other institutions to revert back to their college statuses.  

DISCLAIMER: This is an April fools article. None of the above is true as it is apart of the April fools section of our March 30th Issue. Not meant to be taken seriously.