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Love, Gaels: ‘My comfort franchise’

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For this issue’s “Love, Gaels” column Features and Lifestyle Editor Luis Lopez writes about the love of one’s comfort show.

As kids, we all had that one movie or show that we would watch on repeat all day, every day while memorizing each character, line, scene and everything in between. For me that show was “SpongeBob SquarePants,” which is arguably the most iconic Nickelodeon show to ever exist.  That is a well-earned title since it found its way into the hearts and minds of many all over the world like me.  

I remember coming home from elementary school and enjoying the SpongeBob episodes that would be playing and I’d be dying of laughter during each episode and enjoying every second of it. The memes and quotes that have been created because of the show are also very entertaining. I’m sure that we can all quote at least one SpongeBob moment from the top of our head and that just shows the cultural impact that the franchise and the characters have made. 

 As a kid, the best movie ever had to be the 2004 hit film, “The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie,” which is my comfort movie. A comfort movie is the kind of movie that you watch when you need a good laugh or distraction from the outside world and that’s what I would consider this movie’s impact on me to be.  

For those who haven’t seen the almost 20-year-old movie, the plot is a simple one, but it has plenty of twists, turns and fun locations that amplify the plot into a hilarious and endearing film. The film follows SpongeBob and Patrick Star and the dynamic of the two allows for some funny and iconic moments.  

The movie always comforted me because of its message. The message of the movie, at least my interpretation of it especially because of the ending, was to accept who you are and live as who you’re meant to be. It’s a deep message for a kid’s film but one that rings true for everyone nowadays. I often watch movies aimed at kids that have strong morals and life lessons. Learning the lesson of accepting oneself for how they are at a young age helped with my self-esteem and is something that I think everyone should grow to learn and understand. 

Although the franchise has gone in a new direction with how it’s episodes and comedy are formatted, it won’t ever take away from the memories and moments that I’ve held close to my heart for years and will continue to do so for years to come. 

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