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Love, Gaels: Loving a sibling

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For this issue’s “Love, Gaels” column, Features & Lifestyle Editor Luis Lopez writes about the love between siblings.

I was an only child for the first seven years of my life and rather content with being an only child, so the news of my parents expecting another child was surprising to me. I had never thought about having a sibling before, but I was happy for my parents. A few months after I found out I was going to be an older brother, my parents found out the gender of my new sibling; I was going to have a little sister. After nine months of patiently waiting, my sister arrived.  


My sister’s birth marked a turning point in my life that at the time, I didn’t know was happening, and have only grown to appreciate with hindsight. I became an older sibling, which is something not everyone has experienced, but for those who have, I know the responsibilities that come with that title.  


As my sister got older, our bond began to form even though I truthfully used to find her annoying and at times, I still do. Having a sibling annoy you constantly is par for the course when growing up, and I’m sure that I annoy my sister even more nowadays.  


As we both grew older, we matured and went onto various parts of life alongside each other. I still remember my sister’s first day of middle school; she was so nervous, and I remember telling her it will all be okay. Since I’ve experienced the same emotions she was feeling at her age, I knew where she was coming from.  


Middle school also marked a shift in my sister’s personality as she grew into her own and developed a bit of a sassy personality, which clashed with my personality often. At times, we’d be at each other’s throats much to the dismay of my parents, but we still had each other’s backs regardless of our clashing personalities. I think arguing with your siblings is just part of life. We all tend to have those petty arguments from time to time, but at the end of the day, our siblings are our closest friends.  


The bond I share with my sister is one that can’t be replicated or replaced. We grew up together and the memories we shared and are currently sharing can’t ever be felt by anyone else. 


Although we don’t always agree completely, I cannot help but love her for who she is and the impact she’s had on my life. She has taught me many lessons simply by being in my life and I will never forget as I carry them with me throughout my life. I learned what it’s like to be a good older sibling and have passed it down to my sister for the both of us to be good siblings to our new baby sister.  

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