How the Players helped make Iona my home

Kelly Farrell, Chief Photo Editor

Looking back on my four years at Iona, I am content. I never thought I would love Iona as much as I have, and I am so lucky for my experience. Not every day was perfect: it was hard transitioning the first month of freshman year. However, once I met my best friends, Iona slowly became home. I remember on Accepted Student’s Day during my senior year of high school, I told my parents to leave me here, because I never wanted to leave. I still feel that way about Iona. I always get sad when I leave for breaks–especially summer breaks–because my friends and I spend so much time away from each other. The first two years, I signed up for Killian’s Crew just so I could come back to school two whole days early!

I have tried to make the most of my experience here. I have always been told that college is the best four years of your life, which is a lot of pressure for an 18 year old who is leaving home for the first time. I have joined so many different clubs over the years, some I have stuck with and others I have not, but I have stayed with the Iona College Players the longest. I joined the Players in my sophomore year after my parents encouraged me to audition for the fall show, and I have never looked back. I found some of my best friends through the Players and I was finally able to get back on the stage. I did theater when I was in middle school, but I was busy with soccer in high school, so I was not able to audition for the school plays. Through the Players, I have participated in so many different plays, musicals, variety shows, improv shows and skits. I am so lucky to have found my people so early on.

My biggest word of advice to incoming freshmen would be to try out something new when you come to college. I have played sports for my entire life, but I always wanted to try so many other things and become more involved in theater. Iona gave me that chance because I was done with playing soccer. I loved soccer, but I felt that college was my time to move on and find something new. Performing with my best friends in musicals such as “Mamma Mia” are some of my favorite moments at school.

It’s hard to sum up four years of college and how they have impacted you when they are still continuing to have an impact. I’m not sure what the future may bring, but I’m happy to be an Iona Gael.