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4 Tips: Adjusting to School in the Winter

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Read up on four tips to adjust to school during the winter.

As we start our transition into the spring semester here at Iona, one of the biggest challenges for returning students is readjusting to school during these cold and dark winter months. With the weather limiting the places you can hang out with friends, having to commute during colder temperatures or finding ways to keep busy while trapped inside, students tend to feel restless or worried during this readjustment period. Returning from the warmth of our homes and vacations over break is never an easy feat. As we all wait for the ice to thaw and spring to arrive, here are four to five tips on how you as an Iona University student can adjust to school in the snow. 


Tip #1: Utilize campus spots!  

Whether you are a returning resident or commuter, driving or travelling during these icy and snowy days can be dangerous, which can sometimes limit options for off-campus activities. This doesn’t have to mean that you’re trapped in your room or your car all day. There are plenty of spots on campus waiting to be utilized by students. You can spend time in the commuter lounge and game room or in the LaPenta Student Union. If you’re part of Iona’s Honors program, the lounge in Spellman Hall is always available. Take the time to explore not only these areas but all the buildings to find new places to relax and unwind. 


Tip #2: Get cozy!  

As residents have all come to know in some capacity, the window in your room tends to have a draft that can be intense during these winter months and low temperature drops. Make sure you’re stacked up on blankets, portable heaters, curtains and cozy pajama pants. You can even throw in some scented candles and stuffed animals for comfort. This will make your living space both aesthetically pleasing and comfortable. 


Tip #3: Plan ahead!  

This tip can apply to many different areas of student life during the spring semester. With these winter months can come unpredictable circumstances or an increase in travel times. Because of this, it’s always best to plan ahead. Whether this is for driving closer in time to the start of your first class, leaving your room to walk across campus for a class, having the right kind of clothes and jackets prepared for the next morning and watching the weather the night before. Being as prepared as possible during this time will lead to a lot less stress and a lot more comfortability.  


Tip #4: A consistent routine! 

 One of the biggest things to bounce back from between winter break and the start of the spring semester is our sleep schedules and habits of procrastination. Going from fall semester finals prep schedules to a completely free-for-all month long break back to the discipline of classwork again can give a lot of us whiplash. To help with that, make sure to set alarms for the times that will allow you to wake up with time to spare before class, make time to eat your meals throughout the day, and most importantly, go to bed at a more civilized hour. We all fall victim to the winter break sleep schedule, but now’s the time to break it. 

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