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Five reasons to have a pet plant

When the word “pet” is brought up in conversation, most tend to think of cats, dogs, fishes or birds, but plants are also a solid pet especially for college students. There are many reasons why a plant is a great pet, this article will dig into those ideas to sprout interest in a pet plant. 

1. They’re good for your health. 

Various studies have shown that living with plants and raising them in a home is beneficial for one’s health, plants can help improve focus, decrease depressive emotions and lessen anxiety, as college students we tend to feel stressed or anxious due to the multitude of assignments, and focusing can be difficult for many reasons, having a plant to ease those emotions is an ideal way to better your living environment and mental health. 

2. They’re lower maintenance pets. 

Traditional pets such as cats and dogs are relatively high maintenance pets and require a hefty amount of attention and time commitment, but a plant is simpler in the fact that it typically needs water and sunlight and overall, less maintenance than a cat or dog. 

3. They add a nice splash of color to your workspace. 

Plants come in all shapes, sizes and colors and the vibrant green found in most house plants can add a refreshing amount of color to a room, to light up the room in a positive manner. Occasionally workspaces can feel dull and muted with bland colors, but a green vibrant potted plant can bring a lot of joy to an area. 

 4. Their pots can be customized. 

Plants tend to be placed in pots, but a fun activity before getting a plant is decorating their pot, using paint, markers or stickers can be a great way to customize your plants home and add a uniqueness to the area your plant resides in, it gives you a place to show off your interests and artistic skills, and can be a lot of fun with friends and family. 

5. They’re college budget friendly.  

Plants are cheap, and so are their pots so having them as a pet isn’t a costly endeavor and worth every penny. Cats and dogs can be expensive, even hamsters aren’t cheap considering all that is needed to ensure they have a healthy living space, but a plant just requires a pot, soil, sunlight and water. 

Plants are a simple, economical, low maintenance pet sure to bring a vibrant and calming vibe to any dorm room or living space, worthy of consideration to be a companion during your college journey. 

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