Farewell to seniors

Julia Fabrizio, Features Editor

Iona has been home to the senior class over the past four years, but as the semester nears its end, seniors are reflecting on all their memories and experiences from their time at Iona.

Senior Kaitlin Pearce says some of her favorite memories are from Homecoming weekend.

“Everyone comes together with such school spirit, and it’s a blast to see all of the alumni that come back,” Pearce said. “I loved seeing them, especially this year as a senior because it gives all of us hope that life goes on after college. Our futures will be bright, and you can always come back to your Iona home for that weekend again.”

Senior Alyssa Cordaro had some of her best experiences working with the Gaels Activities Board to organize Spring Weekend and other events.

“My favorite memory from sophomore year was […] being able to bring A Boogie for our Spring Weekend Concert,” Cordaro said. “This was one of my favorite memories because we brought the whole campus together, which is one of GAB’s main focal points. […] I have met some of my closest friends from GAB, and we have put on so many programs that I am proud of.”

Graduate student Matthew George says his favorite memory at Iona is being a part of the Iona College Pep Band.

“I’ve always wanted to play for a band for a college or university,” George said. “I loved each and every minute I spent with the organization. I’ve been with them since my freshman year and played multiple instruments throughout these four years. Being able to be up front with most of our athletics team, especially our men’s and women’s basketball teams has truly been an amazing experience.”

Senior Valerie Amarosa reflects on the experiences she had on the WICR e-board this year.

“It has been the most fun time running their social media pages,” Amarosa said. “We had an event called Festive Frequencies back in December, and it was such an awesome event that so many people came out for. It took place right before finals and it gave a lot of students the chance to release some stress and take part in the competition.”

Many students have fond memories of their times at the Iona basketball games.

“Traveling to the MAAC Tournament and winning three straight titles in my four years and four straight since 2016 has been truly a blessing to witness,” George said. “Not to mention going to the NCAA Tournament multiple times was just unbelievable. Going to each arena, see a bunch of fans representing their respective teams, our team play the best of the best, everything felt like a dream come true.”
Senior Vashone DeVaughn worked at many basketball games as a student worker.

“Becoming a student worker was a great joy because my best moments from sophomore through senior year were working the Iona’s men’s basketball games, especially when we played our rival school Manhattan,” DeVaughn said.

Senior Kristina Kozakevitch reflects on the many experiences she had as a Gael Guide.

“My junior year my favorite memory would probably have to be that Accepted Students Day,” Kozakevitch said. “I was able to see a lot of students who I gave tours to that year as a Gael Guide and having them make their deposit to go to Iona the next year is something that made me extremely happy.”

Iona provided students with so many activities and experiences that led them to make lifelong friends.

“My best moment at Iona would have to be freshman year when Iona decided to throw a paint party celebration for the yearbook,” DeVaughn said. “This brought everyone from every class together even though I didn’t know most people, it was a great way to get to know as many people as possible.”

Senior Nikkole Maldari says sophomore year was her favorite of all four.

“I got to live in Conese 64 with a lot of my friends,” Maldari said. “My best friend was an RA in the building, and I got to meet some cool people from Spain that I’m still friends with. I also took some of my favorite courses that year.”

As their journey nears an end, seniors are feeling nostalgic about their college years.

“Through all the experiences I have gained, the friends I have made, for all the lessons I have learned, for all the laughs I had and for all the headaches I got; I wouldn’t trade any of it. Iona College has truly become a home away from home for not only me, but so many others.”

This may be an uncertain time for many, but these soon-to-be Iona graduates have much to look forward to as they embark on their next adventures.