Our Editors’ Quarantine Picks

Victoria Sanseverino, Copy Editor

Being in quarantine has left many of us with a need to escape into something that transports us beyond the four walls of our bedrooms. From thumbing through our favorite books to exploring new hobbies like cooking, our editors share what has been keeping them sane during this tumultuous time.

Matt Chaves: “Going through my YouTube feed is truly keeping me sane. I’m currently watching ‘Journey across Japan’ by the Abroad in Japan channel on YouTube. It’s really good content for anyone who loves Japan!”

Krystal Ortiz: “Journaling has been the best pastime I’ve ever had. I journal daily and it’s something that really has been keeping the new emotions that I’ve been experiencing in this situation in check! I’ve also gotten creative with it. I’ve gotten stencils and a mini printer to make my entries as unique as possible! It’s a really good hobby for anyone who’s looking for an outlet to express themselves!”

Ciara Serpa: “I’ve been rereading my favorite books from middle and high school. It’s been enough time that I don’t remember everything about them, but as a reread it doesn’t take too much brain capacity. I love the nostalgic feeling and remembering where I was when I read a certain chapter or who I ran to talk about the book with! They provide a nice escape.”

Joseph Ferrer: “Drawing was an old hobby of mine that I fell out of, but quarantine has been an opportunity for me to come back to it and fall in love with it again. I still may not be great at it, but it feels great to improve at something that I haven’t done in so long.”

Stacey Franciamore: “I’ve been really enjoying learning how to cook! My mom is an amazing cook and it’s so nice to have extra time to spend with her in the kitchen and learn how to make some of her best recipes.”

Maureen DeGregorio: “I left my sketchbooks in the dorms by accident, but I just sketch with a pen. Not all of them come out good but sketching automatically relieves some of the stress once I finish.”