“The Last Dance” provides freshness to an age-old tale

Matthew Chaves, Sports Editor

“The Last Dance” is a fresh perspective on a tale everyone knows – or thought they did.

The long-awaited documentary series kicked off on Sunday with episode one introducing the viewers to the history, the meaning and, of course, the superstar everyone knows: Michael Jordan.
It does a great job showing us a side of Jordan and the Chicago Bulls that the world has never seen before. It comes at a perfect time, when everyone’s stuck at home due to quarantine and has the free time to check it out. It’s also a great dose of basketball for those missing the sport.

The stories it tells are great insights into the people’s lives. It has arcs, drama and characters alike you wouldn’t expect, showing you perspectives from the owner of the Bulls to the players on the court to the one player on the court everyone was and still is talking about.

While the stories of different people are told, they all lead back to one man: Jordan. This documentary is indeed a showing of what the greatest basketball player of all time looks like. It’s a showcase of just how good Jordan was in various ways. Some could call it redundant in that manner, but I’d argue that they do well to push the point of Jordan not being the best player just by how he played, but by how he excelled.

Jordan was not an average player, by far. Whenever people think about NBA players during their time off of the court, it’s most likely all about the clubs, the women and the drugs. One scene in episode one tackles all of those aspects in one fell swoop.
Jordan was telling a story about how he was looking for his team in the hotel to see what they were doing. He knocked on a couple doors until he got to where they were. In the room, there were lines of cocaine, blunts of weed and plenty of women.

The all-time great wasn’t that type of guy.

“The first thing I said was ‘Look man, I’m out,’” Jordan said in the documentary. “Because all I could think about was [if] they come and raid this place, right about now, I am just as guilty as anybody else in this room.”

It’s a great example Jordan gives those who look up to him; drugs and lust aren’t what get you to the title of greatest of all time.

While the way the stories presented are told are great, the praise is constant. This documentary series really is all about Michael Jordan, so if you begin to watch it, be mindful of that; it doesn’t stop. But it still is, nonetheless, a great series to watch.