Athletes make the most of the situation

Matthew Chaves, Sports Editor

Quarantine has been a hassle for some and a blessing for others. Online video chat applications such as Discord, Skype and Zoom are the main ways of communication and learning available during these times. But for athletes, this isn’t enough.

Athletes need to stay in shape, but being confined in their homes isn’t enough for some. Sophomore Juana Camilion on the women’s basketball team doesn’t have the room she needs.

“[It] is a little difficult because here in Spain we are in completely lock down, we are only able to leave our house to do groceries, walk the dog and some can go to work, but other than that we cannot leave,” Camilion said. “I live in an apartment at the second floor, I don’t have a balcony or any space what I can do what I’m supposed to do to stay on top of my game…I can only work out on one space of my house and it is not big at all.”

Camilion still makes the best of her situation, calling her teammates on FaceTime during workouts to make them more fun and exciting. Others in the United States are able to stay on top of their game while practicing social distancing, like junior catcher Samuel Punzi.

“My back patio has been my gym for weight training after morning classes,” Punzi said. “Every other day I run in my neighborhood and the soccer fields by my house.”

The challenge of staying physically fit is ever present for athletes, but the mentality is something that must be maintained as well. The mental game is a huge part of any sport, and distance runner and sophomore Damien Dilcher knows it’s all about keeping that strong during the quarantine.

“I stay on top of my game during quarantine is thinking about my team and the goal we have this upcoming cross-country season,” Dilcher said via email. “The goal to place in [the] NCAA keeps me motivated every day to get my runs and work outs in because I want to be able to contribute to the team as much as possible and help achieve what some might say is impossible.”

Staying on top of your game is difficult when all of the resources you’re used to having are stripped away, but it’s still possible to keep it up. These athletes and many other Gaels are motivation for students to stay on top of their game for the remainder of this semester and throughout the duration of the quarantine.