Love is Love organization remains active despite pandemic


Krystal Ortiz, News Editor

Iona club and organization Love is Love continues to remain active through virtual interaction with their members despite the current conditions.

According to Kaitlyn Camperlino, president of Love is Love, the mission of the organization is to promote advocacy and representation for the LGBTQIA+ community.

“We want to make students feel included and welcomed as well as spread acceptance for identities around Iona College,” Camperlino said.

Students and faculty had to adapt to a new method of teaching and learning as classes and activities have moved online. Camperlino believes that maintaining a presence in the community, even digitally, is extremely important.

“My role as president of Love is Love during the transition to online learning has made me want to put in even more effort to ensure there is adequate representation and acknowledgement of LGBTQIA+ holidays/issues/causes,” Camperlino said.

Her role as leader of the organization has partially changed. As a senior, she is preparing next year’s e-board for planning and creating events that remain assessible to everyone, even during remote times.

“If the work stops, then the promotion of a club that our campus needs also stops,” Camperlino said. “That cannot happen just because we have been moved online!”

The organization is currently planning events for the remainder of the semester, with future programs highlighting members of the organization, important days of recognition and trivia to educate the public and their members.

The organization continues to remain active to provide a support system for students.

“What our organization can do for students working from home is provide a support system for those who need it as well as something to keep you occupied during this tough time,” Camperlino said.

Melissa Aponte, director of student development, stresses the importance for organizations to remain active during this time.

“We want to ensure that during this time we still engage our students and let them know we are all here for them,” Aponte said. “It is also so important to do our best to maintain some sense of normalcy, even in a time that doesn’t feel normal at all!”

Aponte also explains that one of the main reasons it is essential for students to remain active is to continue to showcase their work, initiative and ability to work hard during this difficult time on social media.

“We want to continue showcasing the great work and initiatives our clubs do at Iona and provide a space for them to still be active,” Aponte said. “Social media and technology allow us to still connect to each other in a time when we can feel very isolated and alone.”

Aponte also views the activity of Love is Love and other organizations as commendable.

“I think it proves how resilient and amazing our clubs are!” Aponte said. “I am so impressed by their dedication and drive to be active. I am not surprised at all because our clubs truly live out the mission of our college and are a prime example of what it means to be a Gael.”