World Champion Snake player snubs haters

Matthew Chaves, Sports Editor

Iona College, home to the Gaels and a world champion snake player!? Freshman Elizabeth Kiernan has been training all her life to show the world her skills in the classic pastime and video game, Snake.

The world champion was discovered in the back of a biology classroom after keen- eye junior Matthew Chaves and former Snake player Mohamed Mushib noticed the complex movements from the 16-bit Wizkid.

Just minutes after noticing did the dynamic duo witness a world record being broken like it was just another day on the pixel field.

“It was the greatest sports achievement I have ever seen in my life,” Mushib said.

Not only was I privileged enough to witness the master at work, but I was given the opportunity to interview the star herself. Even at the top of the world, Kiernan still saves time for the press.

“All of Iona must know my hall of fame skills,” Kiernan said. “There’s no better feeling than beating your high score and having a crowd of people cheer you on.”

When reminded that the crowd was actually just two students behind her, she was quick to acknowledge that they were her biggest fans. With fans also come haters, which a world champion is sure to have plenty of. Kiernan was quick to dismiss any sort of hate coming her way.

“I think that haters will do anything to take a person down, but they know that; they only try and downplay my skills because they wish they had my skills,” Kiernan said.

Recently, scientists have discovered that if a certain number is hit in a game of snake, a black hole will spontaneously appear and destroy life as we know it. Even knowing this, Kiernan aims to hit that number.

“But [I would] die before I reach it, because even though a score that high would be great, humanity comes first.”

Kiernan is currently looking to sign a major deal with Google to become their official spokesperson and aims to get her Twitter and Instagram verified as soon as possible. When it comes to advice, the world champ recommends staying in school, practicing and having fun.