Motivation for when the pandemic passes

Joseph Ferrer, Staff Writer

The ongoing pandemic has had an immense effect on nearly every aspect of our lives and it’s not hard to feel hopeless with no immediate end in sight. Giving into this hopelessness, however, will only make the situation more difficult, which isn’t beneficial for our mental and emotional well-being. Finding motivation and positivity amidst this crisis is hard but is vital for making it through this difficult time.

Quarantining and social distancing may be emotionally taxing, but within this situation there is an opportunity for self-growth through discovering new hobbies. Whether it be painting, learning how to play an instrument or finally reading that one book you’ve procrastinated starting, finding new activities can help with the boredom that may arise from staying at home all day. These activities don’t have to be done solo either and can be a chance to connect more with our family members. Social interaction is crucial, and spending more time with the people around us can help alleviate the stress of the situation.

While nothing can replace face to face interaction, FaceTiming and talking on the phone can provide the social interaction that we need for our mental health.

“My friends and family have helped me stay motivated and while I can’t see my friends in person,” freshman Elijah Borges said. “Keeping contact with them has helped make quarantine less boring.”

While taking these actions may ease the pressure of the situation, they won’t completely mitigate the feelings of unease due to the ongoing crisis. However, looking toward the future can be a great source of motivation to help us through the moments where we may feel helpless.

“Looking forward to when this is behind us has made me stay motivated,” freshman Katie Geslak said. “All of the things I want to do keep me going until I’m able to do them.”

This situation can also give us a chance to help regain appreciation for activities that we took for granted such as going to class or going out shopping.

While it may be hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel, we cannot lose hope during this time. These trying times will ultimately change us and turn us into better versions of ourselves.

“Once we get through this, we’re going to be so much stronger,” freshman Jenna Lumbo said. “I feel like after getting through this, I can get through anything.”

When the dust eventually settles and this crisis passes, we can become people who appreciate every aspect of life both beneficial and inconvenient, large and small. It may be easy to give into fear and lose positivity but staying motivated is crucial for overcoming this crisis.