Celeb Zoombombing

Julia Fabrizio, Features Editor

Iona College students studying business were in for a surprise this April Fool’s Day when Jimmy Fallon and Miley Cyrus virtually pranked their class.

As schools across the world transition to online schooling and host lectures via Zoom video calls, many classes have been victim to “zoombombing.” Zoombombing is when uninvited guests disrupt your virtual meeting. Most often these occurrences include harassment and hate speech, but for this April Fool’s Day, Fallon and Cyrus decided to zoombomb in a more playful manner.

“The Tonight Show” host has been known to surprise fans alongside his celebrity guests. In this time of social distancing though, his usual antics are more difficult to achieve.

Fallon explained on his show why he chose to zoombomb classes this year for April Fool’s.

“I wanted to really make people smile this year, especially considering the sadness and fear many are feeling right now,” Fallon explained.

Fallon teamed up with Cyrus, featuring the segment on both his late-night show as well as Cyrus’s new daily Instagram show, “Bright Minded.”

The two spent the day surprising random classes of unsuspecting students across the country, and some of Iona’s own students were among those who were zoombombed. On April 1, the Principles of Financial Accounting class was attending their regularly scheduled lecture via Zoom, but before they knew it, they were accompanied by some A-list guests.

“It was so weird when they joined our class,” freshman Amber Addison said. “Our professor was talking, and then suddenly we heard someone was yelling something. It took us all off guard and we assumed someone forgot to mute their mic, but after a moment of confusion we realized it was Miley Cyrus and Jimmy Fallon!”

Students in the class say they were completely shocked.

“I was definitely not expecting this,” sophomore Jake Ryan said. “They started talking, and I recognized their voices but couldn’t place it at first. Then when we spotted them everyone started freaking out and taking their phones out to take a video.”

Cyrus and Fallon spoke and sang with the class for about 30 minutes, sharing wisdom and connecting during a time when many feel isolated.

“Honestly this was an awesome April Fool’s prank,” freshman Oliver Oken said. “It really took us all off guard and it was so cool to have celebrities in our class. They were so nice and cool, and they actually wanted to hear about what we were learning.”

Highlights from Fallon and Cyrus’s April Fool’s Day shenanigans are featured on both the stars’ social media accounts.