Why the XFL is a great thing for football

Matthew Chaves, Sports Editor

The XFL season started when the Seattle Dragons took on the DC Defenders on their home turf on Saturday.

The NFL ended its season with the Super Bowl as Patrick Mahomes and the Kansas City Chiefs made an exciting comeback against the San Francisco 49ers to take the championship 31-20. Usually, that’s where major football would stop for the year.

That changed this year, as a promise WWE CEO Vince McMahon made in 2018 came to fruition. McMahon is the owner of the XFL and it isn’t the first time he has tried to get into the football industry.

The XFL was around in 2001 with extreme changes to the sport, including player conflicts and storylines similar to the WWE. It only had one season.

McMahon has changed the approach entirely to make this XFL simply another football league with minor rule changes fueled by NFL viewers. Every change has the philosophy of trying to make football a more fun and entertaining game to watch while keeping the integrity and nature of the sport.

The feedback of fans has led to a league that offers great entertainment in the football they play plus high level football. A good number of players in the XFL have, at one point, played in the NFL. A high majority of them played in division one colleges as well.

Cardale Jones, quarterback for the DC Defenders, is the perfect example. Jones played for Ohio State, winning the National Championship with his college in 2014. He was drafted by the Buffalo Bills in 2016.

The XFL gives the chance to see how much talent the NFL is missing out on and will give competition to the long-standing major football league of the United States. With those chances given and such competition being created, the viewers are the ultimate winners. We get to see quality football for eight months out of the year instead of six, and the progression of competition between these two football giants.