Gaels gather to celebrate legacy of Kobe Bryant

Krystal Ortiz, News Editor

The Office of Student Development hosted a tribute, “Baskets for Kobe,” honoring Kobe Bryant, his daughter and the other victims of the accident on Feb. 7 in the main lobby of the LaPenta Student Union.

The event consisted of students picking a paper basketball and coloring it in along with interacting with other individuals at the table. The event was made for students to reflect and reminisce on Bryant playing basketball and the other aspects of his legacy.

“The event was a simple way for students to honor someone who they admired,” Melissa Aponte, the director of the office of student development, said. “They took time to remember Kobe for the great athlete he was and reminisce on watching him play basketball.”

A main goal of OSD includes developing programs and activities that help increase the quality of student life. Aponte believes that the event corresponds with the goals of the office because of the opportunity students have to express themselves.

“By hosting the tabling event related to the loss of Kobe Bryant, his daughter and the others in the recent tragedy, our students could have a moment to reflect on what it meant to them and help them in the processing of such shocking news,” Aponte said.

Along with honoring the legacy of the Black Mamba, another goal of the event was to bring students together.

“I believe such an event can help bring students together in a fun, creative way,” Aponte said. “By stopping at the table to color a basketball they were able to talk to other students who they normally would not speak to about a common interest and also a common pain in their lives.”

Despite the tragedy, a takeaway from the event is the value of compassion.

“It is important for us to recognize that even with our differences we all have moments of heartache and we need to be compassionate towards one another and be there as a support to our fellow Gaels,” Aponte said.