How the Hynes Institute has impacted my life on campus

Riana Khan, Chief Photo Editor

As a second-year student at Iona College, I have been introduced to many inspiring people, especially at the Hynes Institute. Immediately upon sharing my passions for photography my first year, the Hynes Institute encouraged me to take my passions and turn them into actuality.

The Hynes Institute encourages me on a daily basis to create new ideas, lead with my thoughts, collaborate with others and follow my dreams. As an entrepreneurial intern I am involved with multiple projects, specifically I am able to photograph the spark of a creative moment, a split-second of inspiration and a genuine piece of a bigger picture and story.

I am also the co-host of the “Innovation Podcast,” a weekly hybrid podcast produced by students to educate our peers on what’s happening around entrepreneurship and innovation at Iona and the world beyond. In addition, I help with social media campaigns and create flyers to further show all the awesome stuff happening at the space. I am thrilled to be a part of this innovative wave that is happening at Iona.

Now that I have experience the Hynes Institute as a tram member, I am eager to embolden others and encourage others to establish their own entrepreneurial mindset and make a positive and enlightening change to the Iona College community. The Hynes Institute pushes me to be the best version of me and while showing me that I can excel in anything I put my mind to.

During my time at Iona, I have been presented with many opportunities including a fellowship program on behalf of Stanford University’s University Innovation Fellows program. Along with the 2019 cohort for the program, I participated in a six-week intensive training where I underwent the design thinking process to ultimately establish a positive change to the Iona College campus. I am also Vice President of Marketing for the Entrepreneurship Club, where the e-board consists of leading innovators, visionaries, go-getters, hustlers and the next generation of entrepreneurs.

The biggest accomplishment I am proud of – and that I thank the Hynes Institute for – is that I have been able to become a leader. I help encourage others to build on their confidence, develop their own ideas and come up with creative ways to better our world through their passions, just as I have been inspired to do. There is an entrepreneur in everyone, and I want to help students at Iona College find and unlock their inner entrepreneur.