Magician keeps tricks up his sleeves at GAB event to kick off Weeks of Welcome

Maureen DeGregorio, Social Media Manager

The Gaels Activity Board welcomed magician Joel Myers to perform tricks and illusions on Jan. 21.

Meyers performed various magic tricks and illusions, including hammering an inch into his nose, making a playing card that was signed by a student appear in an orange and escaping from a straitjacket.

Meyers began the night with a simple magic trick after asking for junior Tamia Reyes’ help. She picked a playing card out of a brand new 52-card deck before Meyers instructed her to sign the card. After ripping the card in half, Meyers presented Reyes with a bag of three fresh oranges from the LaPenta cafeteria. Having no prior knowledge, Reyes picked one orange. Meyers cut the orange in half, revealing the other half of the signed card in the middle of the orange.

Another performance included Myers asking students to help buckle him into a straitjacket. An act that the famous magician, Houdini, was known for. Accomplishing his goal, Meyers escaped from the straitjacket within two minutes.

To wrap up the night, Meyers performed a two-step séance. Senior Nina Perut volunteered to help. Perut was told to think of a beloved’s name before picking an index card that had a celebrity’s name written on it. Meyers also had two chalkboards and had a student wipe and clean the boards to make sure nothing was written on them.

Calling upon the celebrity’s spirit to communicate the name Perut was thinking, Meyers said the correct name. He held the chalkboards, which were face down on each other, close to his ear and said there were scratching noises. To confirm this, a student in the first row and Perut both confirmed the noise. Meyers pulled apart the boards, revealing the name Jobs. Checking the index card, the spirit called upon was Steve Jobs.

Meyers, a man who believes that nothing is impossible, had the students intrigued and wanting more by the end of the night. After the magic tricks and illusions, many students were left in awe.

Myers has performed on various television shows such as “FakeOff,” “Wizard Wars,” “America’s Got Talent,” “Masters of Illusion” and “Penn & Teller: Fool Us.” He has also been featured in publications including Newsweek, US Weekly and People Magazine. In addition, he has hosted private performances for celebrities including Brad Pitt, Johnny Depp and Jennifer Lopez. He has toured in over 20 countries and is one of the most in demand performers in the world.