Gerri Ripp Center hosts mock interviews to prepare seniors for career search

Stacey Franciamore, Managing Editor

The Gerri Ripp Center for Career Developmentconducted mock interviews as part of their career readiness program for seniors and student leaders on Nov. 22.

The mock interviews were conducted with career advisors, and the goal of the sessions was to provide students with an opportunity to practice their interview skills and receive feedback on how they can improve.

Senior Kristina Kozakevitch is a student leader on campus and has had previous interview experience, but still finds the mock interview process valuable.

“People should practice some of the basic questions that interviewers ask,” Kozakevitch said. “The feedback you received at the end of the mock interview also helped students realize what their strengths are and if they needed to build upon something.”

Kozakevitch was also able to learn helpful interview tips.

“My interviewer informed me about the strong voice I have and the confidence I have when speaking of myself and describing my qualities,” Kozakevitch said. “I think this is the most important to be aware of because it is something that does stick with employees and can show them just what kind of person you are and what kind of employee you would be.”

Senior Daniel Petrillo also participated in the mock interview and reflected on how the career development center can enhance the event in the future by making it accessible to more students.

“I think the proctors and interviewers gave excellent advice and tips on the interviewing process, but I think the event would be better served if it was opened to perhaps juniors as well as seniors,” Petrillo said. “This will give them that introductory course in interviewing that they will have their entire senior year to cultivate, as opposed to just gaining these skills in their final year at Iona.”

When asked if he acquired any new skills during the interview, Petrillo claimed that he learned the importance of certain traits rather than new skills.

“Confidence and clarity were two things highlighted by my interviewer as important things for all job seekers to have and things that I happened to excel in,” Petrillo said.

Senior Emely Herasme emphasized that the Gerri Ripp Center for Career Development also offers mock interviews to all students.

“The career readiness program is more towards student leaders, but the career office does do mock interviews that are appointment based,” Herasme said.

Mock interviews are beneficial to students in any year and at who are at any stage in the job application process. Senior Alyssa Cordaro participated in the mock interview and recommends that students take advantage of the opportunity to schedule a mock interview.

“Even though a student may not be focused on applying for jobs, this interview could help them practice formulating responses to typical interview questions,” Cordaro said. “It could also help a student become more comfortable in an interview setting. I feel that it is never too early to start practicing for an interview.”

More information on mock interviews can be found on the career development center’s website, and interview appointments can be scheduled through Handshake.