Difficult challenges help rugby team progress



The Iona rugby team is 34-1 while home and 4-2 while away so far for this season.

Frances Hoey, Staff Writer

With just two games remaining in the Iona rugby schedule this season, the fall of 2019 has proven to be a success for the Gaels.

Going undefeated in their conference from an overall 6-3 record, the rugby team doesn’t seem to have any problems getting the job done. Their biggest challenge has come at the hands of Trinity College Dublin, a highly-skilled team with plenty of experience.

Facing challenging teams like Trinity is what keeps the Gaels striving to improve and build upon their conference success. The team has found a late-season winning streak, pulling victories in its last five games.

In contending with top schools in the nation like Army and Navy, the Gaels’ performance has managed to achieve an impressive ranking of fourteenth in the nation.

In the Liberty Conference, the team has shown no signs of weakness, defeating opponents in margins as large as 106-0. Facing some of the best opponents in the nation during their out of conference play appears to be the main reason for the experience and talent the Gaels possess as a team.

As one of the club sports at Iona, rugby has an open policy when it comes to walk-ons. With this, the club has a second B team for the newer players to gain real game experience and grow their abilities.

These opportunities seem to allow Iona College Rugby to maintain a healthy roster and progressive mindset while always putting out a consistent effort. The preparation, strategy and talent of the Gaels certainly reflect from their outstanding performance in game situations.