Student leaders prepare for potential Gaels



Student leaders gather in the End Zone to represent their clubs and gain the interest of potential freshman attending open house.

Krystal Ortiz, News Editor

Student leaders and faculty are preparing for the arrival of potential incoming students as Iona hosts its second open house of the year on Nov. 16.

Open House at Iona typically takes on the same schedule every year with students and families checking in and enjoying breakfast at 9 a.m. The potential Gaels are then welcomed by President Seamus Carey and Br. Dennis Gunn, an assistant professor in the education department. Other activities include information sessions about financial aid, academics and student life, as well as campus tours given by Gael Guides throughout the day.

The Gael Guides are often the first faces that potential students see when they visit campus. Open House requires a lot of preparation, according to senior Anna Bongiorno.

“We always have a Gael Guide meeting to go over the ins and outs for the day,” Bongiorno said. “This usually takes place a few days before the event so we know what to expect with the weather and number of people attending…This also gives Gael Guides the opportunity to share any suggestions they have for the day to help everything run more smoothly.”

Aside from the large amount of work it takes to prepare for open house, Gael Guides have the opportunity to talk with potential students and their families throughout the day.

“It’s really rewarding when students come back as actual students [accepted to Iona],” senior RavyneSlaughtersaid. “Like it’s rewarding when they remember the little things or tell me that I made an impact on their decision.”

Bongiorno also says that working with Gael Guides is a good experience in itself.

“Although the Gael Guides are busy giving tours and mingling with families, it is also so nice to have time to spend with the Gael Guides all together,” Bongiorno said. “We make a really great team.”

Other student leaders are also excited to meet and mingle with new incoming students who may potentially join their organizations during the Student Life & Success Fair. Many members are looking forward to meeting the incoming students and seeing what they will contribute, including sophomore and Iona College Television member Nigel Petti-Fernandez.

“They can give ICTV what’s needed: hands on deck,” Petti-Fernandez said. “They offer us people willing to give their part. We want people who will be interested and willing to contribute.”

Chloe Gaska, senior and President of the Greek Culture Club, stresses the importance of incoming students in regards to keeping an organization alive and having the opportunity to make friends.

“Right now, our e-board is all seniors,” Gaska said. “It’s always important to keep the clubs alive and refresh the population. Also, it’s just a great way to make friends, anywhere.”

Junior Jack Walker, a member of the Biology Club, says that the clubs offered at Iona provide an incentive for upcoming students to attend.

“I feel like more of an incentive to come here [what the clubs offer to upcoming students],” Walker explained. “It would give just a general idea of what college life is like, aside from going to classes.”

Open House is as important to Iona students as it is to future students and families. As potential students look to see what Iona has to offer, current Gaels come together to show how they’ve made Iona their home.