How to prepare for final exam season

Katherine Daly, Staff Writer

It may be hard to believe, but there is less than a month left in the semester. That doesn’t leave much time to improve your grades, but there is still hope! Maybe it wasn’t your best semester and that’s ok, things happen. Doing better in school is often a simple matter of adopting better habits. These tips can easily get you moving toward a higher GPA.

“The key to academic success is to plan ahead and to be organized,” Coordinator of the Rudin Center Dana McLachlin said. “It’s the easiest thing a student can do.”

Planning ahead and making an organized schedule before your classes can really help and improve your scores. You’ll find it much easier if you take a gradual approach and find what works for you.

Generally, having to pull an all-nighter means that you cram for a test and need to fit three weeks of learning into one day.  While at first it may seem like a good idea to skimp out on sleep for a few extra hours of studying, it won’t work. Your concentration in the exam room will be patchy, meaning you’re less likely to ace that test, which doesn’t help your GPA.

Studying is vital in order to achieve a high GPA because it aids us in our ability to learn. Dorm rooms aren’t the best place to study. It’s way too easy to get distracted by roommates and visitors. Your study time can be a lot more productive if you use the school’s library.

“Every time I enter the library, my mind shifts into work mode which usually keeps me focused,” junior Alisha Keller said. “Having a quiet place to study will make you a better thinker, better writer and most importantly, a better student.”

Knowing you need to learn a lot of information in order to perform well on your test can be overwhelming. This tends to make people to feel even more stressed and anxious.

“I usually study different sections each night, it helps me from getting overwhelmed,” senior Stephanie Di Giovanna said. “Just know your limitations, and give yourself credit when needed. It’s such a simple thing, yet it will put you in the right mindset to do great.”

As long as you buckle down and start preparing now, you should pass your finals with flying colors. Just try not to stress too much, and best of luck!