Gaels give their best self-care tips

Maria Desir, Staff Writer

Midterm season has come and gone for most of us, but soon enough it will be time to begin preparing for finals. Stress levels on campus are skyrocketing. Understanding the importance of selfcare and how to deal with stress is essential, as it can affect your physical and mental health.

Senior Atira Barber-Ellis does not think it hurts to give yourself some attention. She de-stresses herself by “unplugging” and focusing on self-love.

“I’ll stop listening to music,” Barber-Ellis said. “I’ll put the phone down and I’ll just close my eyes and breathe for a minute. That really helps me re-focus and get back to studying. Then I make sure that I stop studying by a certain point so that I have an hour or so to myself to really take care of myself.” 

Senior Paola Cedenowill head over to her favorite spa in New Jersey.

“You feel like you come back like a whole new person,” Cedeno said. “It de-stresses you completely.”

Many students find joy when they step away from work for a moment to do some of the fun things that they love.

“I like fashion, looking at new clothes, shopping and watching basketball!” freshman Sonia Aweh said.

It’s important not to overwork yourself because it can be overwhelming. Freshman Armani Deans thinks that rewarding yourself with breaks is essential.

“I have to take some time away, focus on myself and then get back to work trying to see if I thought of new ideas,” Deans said. 

Freshman Xavier Daniel advises that you avoid procrastinating work because it can cause unnecessary stress.

“[I have] never been the type to really stress over work,” Daniel said. “Instead of procrastinating on last minute work, I would go out to chill, get something to eat and then come back.”

Many of us tend to cut out our social lives when we are have a lot on our plate, but it’s important that you find a healthy balance between work and fun. Ensuring that you make time for friends and family will help keep you sane when your work load gets to be too much to handle.

“I need time spent with my friends,” freshman Djenika Noisette said. “I need my best friend to bring me back into reality.”

It’s important that you are focusing on your schoolwork at this point in the semester, but don’t forget to dedicate some time to yourself.