‘Real Housewives’ star tells all in exclusive interview



Teresa and Joe Giudice sat down with Andy Cohen to talk about Joe’s deportation as well as the status of their marriage.

Brian Connors, Arts and Entertainment Editor

“The Real Housewives” franchise is best known for the dramatic lives of its stars. Housewife storylines rarely leave the Bravo-sphere, but one particular instance is making headlines. “The Real Housewives of New Jersey” stars Teresa and Joe Giudice both had to serve prison sentences for mail, wire and bankruptcy fraud. In addition, Joe is not a United States citizen. He was put into ICE custody upon his release and held in a detention center.

Joe Giudice is now officially out of ICE custody and in his native country of Italy. The iconic housewives couple sat down for an exclusive interview with Andy Cohen, host and executive producer of “Watch What Happens Live,” to dish on the situation. “Watch What Happens Live: One on One with Teresa and Joe Giudice” aired Oct. 27 on Bravo.

The interview was conducted in New York City with Teresa and Cohen in the “Watch What Happens Live” clubhouse and Joe brought in via satellite. The interview was juicy and answered a lot of lingering questions the public has had about the initial crime, Joe’s fight to get his deportation appealed and the current state of the couple’s relationship.

The hour-long special was also very awkward. Teresa and Joe clearly do not want to be with each other anymore and the interview did suffer as a result. The content of the tell-all was rich, so a true housewives fan would love it but the energy on screen was rough.

Teresa and Joe certainly did this tell-all for the paycheck and definitely not to defend any sort of divorce rumors. When asked certain questions, the couple did not dodge them but gave short, vague answers. Teresa was a bit aloof the entire hour and seemed kind of over the whole thing.

The Jersey couple is probably heading towards divorce, but they both definitely care about their daughters. One of the most heart-breaking moments of the interview was when Teresa broke down crying after watching a montage of her four daughters reacting to Joe’s prison sentence. The girls have been without their father since 2016. It is awful what they have had to go through and both parents are just hoping to give the girls a sense of normalcy.

The special had its other highlights including Teresa insinuating former “Real Houewives of New Jersey” star Caroline Manzo ratted out Joe to the police after an old housewives’ clip resurfaced of Manzo predicting Joe would go to prison someday. Another highlight was when the couple was pressed about cheating rumors. Both accused the other of infidelity and both denied the other’s accusation.

Overall, the interview was a fun treat for fans of the “Real Housewives” franchise who have been interested in learning more about the Giudice’s situation. It concluded with a preview of the new season of the New Jersey iteration and the trailer looks thrilling! “The Real Housewives of New Jersey” returns for its tenth season on Nov. 6 on Bravo.