Student Spotlight



Cordaro says joining the Gaels Activities Board was the best decision she made at Iona.

Julia Fabrizio, Features Editor

Name: Alyssa Cordaro

Year: Senior

Major: Mass Communication

Concentration: Broadcast Media

Minor: Criminal Justice

Clubs/Organizations: Gaels Activities Board (GAB), Iona College TV (ICTV), WICR (Iona College Radio), OSD Student Employment Position

Why did you choose Iona?

I decided to choose Iona, because it is close to home. I’m from New Rochelle, and I knew from the start, when I started looking at colleges, I didn’t want to go far away. And I knew I wanted to do something involved in the media industry, but in high school, I never had a name for it. I was like, “I wanna do TV, I wanna be on the red carpet,” but I never knew what to call it. And then I ended up coming to Iona for Open House, and my tour guide was in the Mass Communication department. And I remember touring the TV studio in Murphy, and that’s when I realized this is where I’m supposed to be and Mass Communication is my major, and everything fell into place.

Why did you choose your minor?

I chose my minor, because I always liked criminal justice. I’m one of those people who always watches all the cop dramas, so I knew it was something I was always interested in. I didn’t make it my major, because I know there’s more than being a cop or lawyer but I didn’t know what I would’ve done with it after college. So, now doing it as a minor, if I have difficulties finding a job in the Mass Communications field, I can always use my knowledge of the criminal justice system to help me out.

What is you favorite experience from Iona?

There’s so many. I feel like it’s so hard to pinpoint just one. I know, me and my sisters, we always try to go to the basketball games, and we get really into those. So, that’s a fun experience, just hanging out with friends and just cheering on our team. I would also say Spring Weekend, in general, because seeing it my freshman year, I was just a student, so I saw it from that perspective, but then to see all the behind-the-scenes, for the past 3 years, and how excited everyone is and how much it draws the community together. So, that is one of my favorite experiences.

How did you get involved in GAB and what is your role?

I got involved with GAB my freshman year. I never thought I would’ve been on the E-Board. I always went to the general member meetings and I never thought about running, but one of the E-Board member at the time is a close friend and persuaded me; he was like, “you should do it, go ahead, what’s there to lose?” Also, one of my best friends was a student leader, she was a Commuter Assistant, and she would always go the GAB events with, because at the time I really didn’t know anyone to go with. So I just wanted to like give back, and I wanted to reach out to freshman who may be struggling to find their place. GAB is the place; we’re so welcome to everyone. And going off of that, my positions in the past, my first year I was Travel and Tour and last year I was the Entertainment Programming Chair. They sort of go hand in hand. My first year, and the Travel and Tour, I was responsible for off-campus trips, so I did an Islanders Game, a Yankees Game, apple picking, and events like that. Last year, I was the Entertainment Chair, so I did a lot of those same events, but I also brought musical acts to the campus, comedians, and hypnotists, which was a big hit. This year, I’m the Chair, so I oversee all of the other chairs, and I run the E-Board meetings. It’s one of the best choices I think I’ve made at Iona.

What is your favorite spot on campus?

I think my favorite spot in OSD, the Office of Student Development, because being a student worker in there, you get to meet tons of people as well as interact with faculty and staff.

What are your future plans after graduation?

After graduation I want to hopefully have a job in the media industry. My goal is to be in television, whether it be in front of the camera as a news reporter or behind the camera, I am open to anything. I’m basically seeing where life takes me.

What is any advice you have for freshmen?

Don’t be afraid to get involved. I feel like the Involvement Fair helps a lot. Sign up for a lot of clubs that you think you may be interested in and try to go to the first general member meeting of each to figure out where you fit best. Even if you’re shy, don’t be afraid to speak up in the meetings or pull an e-board member aside to express your interest. Also, when it comes to classes, don’t be afraid to speak to your professors if you’re struggling or go to the Rudin Center for help.