New head coach filled with excitement, determination



Kahn helped bring Columbia to its first ever Ivy League Tournament in 2018.

Matthew Chaves, Sports Editor

The Iona College lacrosse team recently acquired a new head coach in Lauren Kahn, a former assistant head coach and lacrosse player herself. This is her first time being a head coach for a college-level lacrosse team.

Kahn was the first assistant coach for Columbia University for five years before making her move to Iona and coaching the Gaels.

“This has been the smoothest transition I could’ve ever hoped for,” Kahn said. “Everyone’s just been so welcoming.”

Iona proved to be the right place for Kahn after being on multiple interviews but never feeling like she was in the right place. She felt at home right away as soon as she finished her interview for Iona, she said.

The former Columbia assistant has never held a head coach position before coming to the Gaels, but Kahn has been working toward her goal for many years. The difference between being in charge of the program and being an assistant to the head is a huge gap and one that has a ton of responsibilities, according to Kahn.

“I was very fortunate to have a boss at my old position that really prepped me for this,” Kahn said. “I felt ready to take on this new chapter in my journey.”

The step into the world of head coaches was a large one for Kahn, since she’s always wanted to be a head coach and had been an assistant for so long. A strong support system in the lacrosse community and her mentors helped her overcome her nerves and uncertainty going into the position, Kahn explained.

“I was still really nervous,” Kahn said. “Even the day I accepted the job, I was like ‘Oh my gosh, I can’t believe I’m doing this!’”

The team is built just how Kahn wants, with high athleticism and willingness on the field and a sense of determination off the field. Keeping this culture and spreading the name of the lacrosse program across the area with the hope to recruit more players is a major goal for the first time head coach, Kahn said.

While this is the first time as head coach for Kahn, she’s no stranger to the sport both on the field and on the sideline. The University of Connecticut alumna earned multiple honors while playing for the Huskies, including being second all-time in points (216), third all-time in assists (73) and fourth all-time in career goals (143).

Kahn has also played professionally for the Philadelphia Fire in the Women’s Professional Lacrosse League for two seasons after playing two seasons for the Boston Storm in the United Women’s Lacrosse League.

Kahn also coached for the Hudson Valley Hurricanes while she was still a player for the Huskies, and she was a recruiting coordinator for Columbia.

Kahn looks forward to getting the most out of the team as the season goes by and aims to perform well throughout the season, really making sure that Iona’s name is put out there.