Cheap, last-minute DIY Halloween costume ideas

Maria Desir and Julia Fabrizio, Staff Writer and Features Editor

With the frightening schedule of a college student, many forget to plan and purchase a costume in time for “Halloweekend.” Usually, students don’t plan on spending a fortune on a costume that will only be worn for one night. Consider some of these last-minute DIY costume ideas that are quick, easy and won’t cause a fright for your bank account.


CREATIVE: Clever DIY ideas

Cereal Killer

This unique costume is a fun play on words. It only requires a white t-shirt and a bit of creativity. Write “Cereal Killer” on the t-shirt with black marker or paint, and then glue mini cereal boxes all over the shirt. Stick plastic knives into the cereal boxes – you will probably need to use tape or glue so they will stay put. Then use red paint to splatter what looks like blood from your stabbed cereal boxes.


Operation Board Game

To become the iconic board game, you need light gray sweats, red pants to wear underneath and a red shirt. Use white paper cutouts to create the removable objects, then glue them all over the red shirt and pants. Make cutouts in the gray sweat suit where the items are glued to the red shirt and pants. Use a marker to label each item and top off the look with a red clown nose.


EASY: Recreate your favorite characters

 Wednesday Addams from “The Addams Family”

This classic Halloween costume can be easily achieved with a black dress worn over a white long sleeve top accompanied by black knee-high socks, black boots, black lipstick and braided pigtails.


The Tethered from “Us”

The Jordan Peele film shocked audiences this year, but the characters are surprisingly easy to recreate. All you need is a red long sleeve shirt and pants, or if you’re really dedicated you can buy a red boiler suit. Then just wear a leather fingerless glove and hold a pair of scissors.


Georgie from “It”

This costume requires little to no shopping since you probably already own most of the items. Wear a yellow raincoat, jeans and boots and you’re instantly Georgie. Just don’t forget the red balloon!



GROUP COSTUMES: Ideas for you and your “boo”

Little Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad Wolf

This classic costume never fails. For Red Riding Hood, you really just need a red cape and a basket. For the Big Bad Wolf, just wear a flannel shirt and fangs.



This costume idea is super easy but great for a group. Just buy some solid colored shirts in your colors of preference and then use fabric paint to paint an “M” on the front. If you’re really on a budget, you can even just cut an “M” out of a white piece of paper and tape or glue it on your shirt.


Bank robbers

Dressing as bank robbers is another quick and easy costume you can probably make with things you already own. Just wear a black and white striped shirt, a black beanie and you could buy or DIY a superhero eye mask.