Fall fashion trends to look for on campus this season

Katherine Daly, Staff Writer

Fall is the season of cozy sweaters and stylish boots that are bursting with vibrant colors and charming prints. Many love fall fashion as it allows them to be comfortable and feel fabulous.

One thing we know for sure is that fashion works in cycles, and every generation draws on inspiration from the past. As a result, nostalgia is the hottest fashion trend ever. Many trends that we see today were popular during past decades. Fashion reminiscent of the 90s –like plaid patterns and edgy chains –  have come to the forefront this season.

One of the most beautiful things about fashion is that it’s a way for people to get to know you, and the perfect item to do that is the patched denim jacket. Unique patches showcase your individuality, and a lightweight jean jacket is perfect for cool fall weather.

Prints are another trend that will be very prominent this season, especially the animal ones. Animal prints are a great way to stand out without turning away from neutral tones, and it can make any outfit look more daring and bold.

The most iconic and underappreciated item of every wardrobe is the classic t-shirt. Students love the simplicity of this closet staple.

“I love t-shirts,” said junior Michaela Kayal. “That’s the kind of fashion I like. The ones with the simple designs. I’m not trying to be fancy, I just like to be comfortable.”

Comfortability is a big part of fall fashion as sweaters and leggings are highlighted this season.

“Being comfortable is what I love about fashion,” said junior Alisha Keller. “It’s way more important to be you than anything else, which is why I like what I like.”

There are so many fashion trends to choose from as the seasons change, so remember to ultimately be yourself and do what makes you comfortable and happy.