Mass of the Holy Spirit commemorates student leaders

Krystal Ortiz, News Editor

Student leaders were commemorated and given pins during the Mass of the Holy Spirit on Aug. 29 on East Hill.

The mass began with a blessing and an oath for student leaders to uphold so that they carry out the mission of Iona College. The leaders were involved throughout the mass by bringing the gifts to the alters and reciting prayer in their native languages.

The homily was led by Fr. Gerard Mulvey, Iona’s chaplin, who encouraged the student leaders to take action and commit to the college because they are “the spirit of Iona.”

Many of the student leaders are excited for what the year will bring.

“As a student leader, I’m excited to meet all of the students that I am going to be mentoring or I’m going to be helping out this year,” said junior Christopher Annabi, who is a commuter assistant. “I’m excited to kind of enhance my ability to lead and I look forward to helping them in their future endeavors.”

Aside from helping other students, many leaders are also excited about making their own experiences with the new friends throughout the year.

“I think what I am excited about for this school year is the opportunity to make connections with everybody in my building,” said junior Jack Morris, who is a resident assistant. “I’m in rice for the first time this year, which is very different than what I’m used to, but I know it’s going to be a great experience and I feel like I’m going to make some lifelong friends over there.”

During the mass, the Commissioning Ceremony was led by Iona President Seamus Carey, where the students swore an oath to uphold Iona’s values.

Many of the faculty on campus believe that student leaders enrich the experience for others on campus, including Dr. Michele Sampson, assistant vice provost for student services.

“First, the student leaders at Iona make my day, every day.  They are smart, passionate, hardworking and they totally get the greater Mission,” Dr. Sampson said. “They work so well together and act almost as professionals in their roles.  I think they learn a lot from their various perspectives and they provide amazing support for each other.”


Many of the students say that their experience as a student leader at Iona has changed for the better.

“I feel like I know more people, and everywhere I go people know me and I feel more comfortable on campus,” senior and Commuter Assistant Emely Herasme said. “There are more familiar faces so I attend more events and have more knowledge about the resources we have.”