Why it is important to get involved on campus

Simone Guidry, Staff Writer

Starting college can be a stressful and overwhelming experience. You often have so many expectations and goals and are likely unsure where to start. A great way to get started is to get involved! Involvement can help you discover friends, passions and maybe even a major. Iona has many organizations that focus on things like radio, marketing, dance, gender fluidity, fashion or environmental issues, just to list a few.


If you’re someone who isn’t quite sure what to major in – like most of us at some point – getting involved on campus is a great way to figure it out. You can join clubs that interest you and hopefully narrow down what your passions are. If you’re worried that you won’t have much time for involvement, that’s okay because lots of clubs meet during activity hour from 12 to 1 on Tuesdays and Thursdays when no classes are held.


“Being involved has led me to meet so many great friends and also help so many people; that kind of stuff brings me joy,” said senior Orlando Sanchez, who is involved in three organizations on campus.


Sanchez is an RA for Residential Life, the president of Organization for Latinx American Students (OLAS), and the vice president member educator of the Delta Upsilon fraternity. Through residential life he helps students that might need assistance getting around campus or late night advice. Being the vice president member educator of DU, he ensures that the fraternity stays up to par with all that it needs to know about the brotherhood.


Joining a club on campus can lead to lifelong friendships. You’re able to meet people with similar interests or majors as you, which can be really beneficial down the line of your college career. Say you need help on a certain chemistry assignment and you know your friend who is in the Iona Players with you is also in the Chemistry Club, you could ask them for help!


The Iona Players is just one of the many clubs and organizations that offers the opportunity to perform. Junior Oliva Conte joined the Iona College Dance Ensemble, offered through the Fine and Performing Arts Department.


“Dancing has always been a passion of mine,” Conte said. “When I came to Iona and learned about the Dance Ensemble, I was overjoyed that I could keep dancing!”


Conte has been a member of the Dance Ensemble for two years now. She thought her dance career was likely over when she went off to college, but, luckily, Iona offers two dance groups, the Dance Ensemble, which anyone can join, and the Dance Team, which you can try out for. Each offers a different style of dance; one is more hip-hop focused and the other more modern.


Getting involved isn’t just great for filling time and meeting new people, it’s also a great resume builder. Employers like to know that they’re hiring well-rounded individuals. It’s awesome to be in clubs that are similar to your major, but being involved in other clubs shows that you are a person of many talents and interests, which definitely helps you stand out to employers.


Try to get out there this semester and learn what’s offered on campus. There’s no better way to learn more about yourself than to try new things. To learn about all that’s offered at Iona, visit the Clubs & Organizations page on the Iona website.