Premiere League fans’ blame on Pogba misplaced


Matthew Chaves/The Ionian

Paul Pogba is 7th in the Premier League with nine assists.

Matthew Chaves, Assistant Sports Editor

The Professional Footballers’ Association released the PFA Premier League Team of the Year on April 25, a prestigious award given to soccer players who perform above -average in the English Premier League.

Fans across the world, especially on Twitter, have been complaining about the team since it’s been released. The major focus goes to Paul Pogba, center midfielder for Manchester United. Some say he doesn’t deserve to be there over other options, such as Naby Keita or Fabinho.

The fact that people think Pogba doesn’t deserve to be apart of this award is wrong. He has the second -most shots on target, the most goals scored by a midfielder and the best accuracy with long passes in the league.

Fans have always scapegoated their frustrations onto Pogba ever since he came into the Premier League, and even when he was at Juventus. They mistake his confidence with arrogance, and whenever he proves himself, they dismiss it.

The convenience of Pogba being in the team blinds the fans from what really messes up this team of the year in my opinion.

The two major problems with the line-up are Sergio Aguero and Ederson. While they’ve done well throughout the season with Manchester City, they’ve still been individually out-performed by other players.

The best pick to replace Aguero would be Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang. He’s performed at a similar rate to Aguero in a much tougher spot. Arsenal  isn’t the worst team in the Premier League by far, but they’ve struggled to perform consistently this season. Aubameyang has constantly been in the matches where they played best.

Alisson Becker is definitely the keeper to replace Ederson, as much as it pains me to say that it as a Manchester United fan. Becker has outperformed Ederson in every aspect of the game besides distribution this season.

Becker has 67 saves in the Premier League compared to Ederson’s 50. He has 18 clean sheets to Ederson’s 16. He also has two less goals conceded, nine more punches, one less yellow card and no fouls. Becker surpasses Ederson even in the passing game, recording 172 accurate long balls compared to Ederson’s 108.

Ederson being placed over Alisson is by far the worst decision by the PFA. This blatant difference in performance helps baffle me as to why Pogba is yet again the center of negative attention.

Pogba plays his game and goes about his life as he wants to and people give him problems for it. He may not be the best midfielder in the world, but he produces world-class games time and time again.

I will say that Pogba needs to work on the consistency of his game. He can be one of the world’s best players if he can get his game down to a formula. But until then, the constant hate from fans about his personality will only hinder that progression and deprive us from Pogba’s true potential.