Kritsarin Oukasavana discusses importance of charity work


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Kritsarin Oukosavanna tied for 33rd with 145 (+3) score at the Wildcat Spring Invitational this season.

Matthew Chaves, Assistant Sports Editor

The Iona College golf team works to balance their lives when it comes to academics, athletics, recreational activities and even charity work. Sophomore Kritsarin Oukasavanna organizes his responsibilities well, and his accolades in the past show his organization skills and his love for charity work.

The Iona golfer grew up in Boca Raton, Florida, one of the best areas to play golf due to the weather.

His interest in golf started when he was just six years old. He figured he’d ask his father for a try at hitting a golf ball while accompanying his father to the driving range. Oukasavanna said that was the moment he knew he liked golf.

“The first shot I ever took, I struck it straight down the middle,” Oukasavanna said. “My dad was very surprised.”

He chose to pursue a career in golf after he was given advice from his father. His father said golf players have long careers and can play the sport into their older ages, unlike other sports.

Oukasavanna decided to continue playing the sport competitively from then on. He went on to compete and win many junior tournaments.

Oukasavanna accepts the reality of losing in golf. His past successes haven’t hindered his focus. He says he doesn’t let the losses get to him and aims to better his game after them.

Oukasavanna was inspired greatly by his past coach, Don Law. Law pushed him to be the player he is today, as Law showed him how to play and improve his game. He also taught him how to be a gentleman both on and off the course.

Law has been a PGA member since 1993. He built a reputation mentoring young golfers at his own academy, Don Law Golf Academy. Oukasavanna attended the academy when he was a senior in high school.

Oukasavanna finds value in helping others and providing for his community. He has worked in the past to help charities such as Habitat for Humanity, Food Bank and Salvation Army. Playing at his old academy, ClubMed, helped him get into charity work.

Even though he did not enjoy the work at first, he eventually discovered what the impact of the charity work meant to him.

“I didn’t really think it was important,” Oukasavanna said. “When I was doing the charity event, it opened my eyes and showed me how important helping the community is.”

Oukasavanna suggests to try out charity work if you’re hesitating. Anyone who does will feel good and enjoy the process, he said.

He did charity work in different ways. He organized his own golf tournament with the help of his friend and other non-profit workers. They successfully raised over $2,000 for Habitat for Humanity.

“The outcome was great, everyone had fun, and we raised a lot of money for charity,” Oukasavanna said.

He hopes to organize another tournament in the future, whether it be for charity or not.