Second season of ‘Sabrina’ brings highs, lows



The second season of “Chilling Adventures of Sabrina” released on Net ix on April 5. Sabrina, who is half-witch and half-mortal, challenges dark forces that threaten her and her friends.

Alyssa Garcia, Staff Writer

The world was given the first season of Chilling Adventures of Sabrina on Oct. 26, and on April 5, we were honored a second season of the series! This new season had me going through a variety of emotions and questioning a lot of the plot. However, I was still able to find negatives and positives that truly determined my final thoughts of the new season. Below are the four things that make – and break – the new season.

Break: Roz and Harvey

This relationship came out of nowhere for me personally, and I didn’t like it at all. The show leads us to believe that everyone has been friends for a while. However, we never see any hint of Roz liking Harvey in Season One, even after him and Sabrina break up. Is it because Sabrina is not physically apart of the group as often in Season Two that Roz wanted to try going further with Harvey? In the scenes that take place at Greendale High School, Roz and Harvey only interact with each other and Theo (Susie). I feel like the relationship was forced between the two, in order to give Sabrina more incentive to get with Nick Scratch. For me, this new relationship added nothing more to the development of the show and could’ve easily been left out.

Make: The Aunties

In this new season we see a whole new side of Zelda and Hilda. Hilda made a complete change, showing us a more confident, fiery and dangerous side of her! I absolutely adored how they expanded on her story when Sabrina and Hilda had a heart-to-heart conversation about when the Dark Lord visited her. The idea to incorporate a romantic relationship with her and Dr. Cerberus was also a strong choice. On the other hand, Zelda wasn’t as vibrant until the end, when she comes back from her honeymoon with Father Blackwood. Frankly, Zelda has always been the tougher sister watching over the Spellman name more than the feelings of those around her. After everything happens with Father Blackwood enforcing his doctrine on the coven, she realizes that family goes above status in every way.

Break: Sabrina’s True Powers Revealed

Episode 6 is where everything really goes south regarding storyline and absolutely makes little to no sense. Sabrina unleashed her hidden powers after she’s “dead” due to being shot three times with arrows by the Angels. It was completely out of the blue and I wished they would’ve done a more gradual introduction of her powers and not just suddenly making her almost like a god. The reveal and the follow-up of it completely ruined the moment and intensity of it for me. Also, they made her voice really deep during this scene for no reason.

Make: Mary Wardwell (aka: Lilith)

There aren’t enough words in the English language that can describe how much I adore Lilith in this season. In the first season, she played a major part in guiding Sabrina towards signing the Book of Beast 1. However, in this new season, she plays more of a supporting role, only being with Sabrina whenever she needed help or had questions. After discovering the Dark Lord’s true plans, she discovers that all the promises that were made would not be fulfilled. She begins to doubt her faith especially after meeting Adam and falling in love with him, showing her that not all love needs to come with a price – instead, it could be genuine and free. In the end, she makes the promises come true on her own and becomes the new Queen of Hell.

Overall, I thought this new season of Sabrinawas simply okay – I would want the show to do a few things differently for it to be great. If you enjoyed the first season, I think you would like and enjoy the second season, but definitely notice the major flaws. However, no matter your opinion on the newest season, now it’s a waiting game for Season Three to see what mischief and evil Sabrina gets into next.