What the television show ‘Lucifer’ means to me

Krsytal Ortiz, Assistant News Editor

For those who do not know, the show “Lucifer” is about the titular devil who gets tired of ruling hell and decides to take a vacation to Los Angeles. He then finds a beautiful detective and ends up becoming a civilian consultant to the Los Angeles Police Department. The show takes off from there, as he continues to fall in love with the detective while facing divine and human challenges along the way. Plus, he can sing.


The show originally aired on Fox before it was cancelled after its third season to the surprise of many of fans, including yours truly. After wiping away my tears and clearing the tissues off of my keyboard, I looked into why the show had been cancelled. This is when I found out that the fans of the show had begun to petition to have Netflix renew “Lucifer.”


Netflix picked up “Lucifer” for a fourth season, and one can only imagine the happiness that burned like a thousand suns in my heart. Not only was one of my favorite shows saved from being cut short, but it was also put on Netflix, the perfect place for all the great uncensored shows we know and love that wouldn’t normally be on TV.


Now, as a psychotic fan girl, I beginto wonder about the number of directions that the show could go in now that it’s a Netflix show. Willit proceed to expand its fan base or keep it at a TV-14 rating? Will the future seasons of the show feature risqué scenes, gruesome demonic deaths, along with uncensored Lucifer jokes? I hope and pray that the show makes this change. In my opinion, it would be a great way to enrich the stories of the characters and provide an in-depth perspective of Lucifer’s personality.


Now, let’s discuss more pressing matters. The show is widely criticized because it is “humanizing the devil.” To provide a proper counterargument to this claim, I would like to say that fans of the show are not falling in love with the actual devil. We love the FICTIONAL character played by the talented and extremely handsome Tom Ellis.


The show does not in any way, shape or form show any favor or praise to the actual prince of darkness. Instead, “Lucifer” simply provides us with an entire new world where the bad devil does not exist but is replaced with a funny and lovable devil that wants to fight crime and run his night club in peace. The show is a fantastic mixture of seriousness, comedy and romance that keeps getting better and better.