Iona reacts to Spring Weekend performer reveal

Julia O'Regan, Features Editor

“To be honest I didn’t know who he was,” senior Justin Cohan said. “My friends played me a few of his well-known songs and I vaguely remember hearing them before.”


“I’m pretty excited to see Kyle,” junior Danielle Plarinas said. “I feel that he is a better Spring Weekend performer than we have had in the past.”


“Iona’s getting a concert,” sophomore Hailey Kourbage said. “No matter what, concerts are fun and you can go with your friends. It’s music. People should go.”


“I don’t know who Super Duper Kyle is so I was disappointed,” senior Annie Sementilli said.


“I know people have come up to me and said that they just don’t think their opinion on what they wanted to have was heard,” junior Kristina Kozakevitch said.


“I’m super excited for KYLE to come since I’ve been a fan of KYLE’s for 5 years now and [have been] trying to go to his concert for a while,” freshman Eileen Exama said. “I’ve been so excited since I found out. I can’t wait to see him.”


“Honestly, I’m a little disappointed,” senior Kate Adriani said. “I think after GAB sent out the survey […] and asked us specifically what we wanted genre wise and then chose another rapper […] shows that they did not listen to a lot of the surveys that people submitted. A lot of the people that I talked to said they wanted a country artist.”


“I’m more of a country music fan, but I’ll definitely go to the concert!” sophomore Olivia Santos said. “I think it’s really cool that we get to have a Spring Weekend concert. It’ll be a fun thing to do with your friends and it’s super cheap.”


“I think KYLE is a great choice for Spring Weekend,” senior Callie Buchan said. “I know who he is, he has a couple really popular songs out, and he collabs with a lot of big artists. It’s really disappointing and rude to see the way students reacted to the reveal. Iona is a small college and doesn’t have a large budget to pay for a huge performer. I know some students have been working very hard all year to plan Spring Weekend and make it a great event, [so] we should all be more appreciative.”


“I’m not mad about it,” junior Josie Eldred said. “I knew who he was before. I’m just shocked that Iona would choose him, given the subject matter of his songs. What songs is he going to sing that are mission consistent? I don’t know if one exists.”


“When I heard this year’s Spring Weekend performer was going to be KYLE, I had to do a double take,” senior Josh Hunter said. “I have been a fan of KYLE since high school and even got the opportunity to see him in concert. Now, being a senior and expecting to graduate this May, it’s only fitting that I go out the way I came in, and that’s through the fire dance moves and electrifying songs of Super Duper Kyle!”