Humans of Iona



Gab Archbold - Senior, Mass Communications Major

Kelly Farrell, Chief Photo Editor

Gabriella Archbold

Senior, Mass Communications

Student campus minister, Kairos director, Gael Guide, Colleges Against Cancer Eboard- Greek Life Chair, Players

What has been your favorite event at Iona and why?

“Relay for Life my freshman year because it was such a big part of my community and my life in general before Iona and I was sad to not be as involved when I came to college. Then I came to accepted students day, I saw signs for relay and that was a big part of why I picked the school. I dove right in head first my freshman year being the speaker, starting the players team and being the captain. Relay connected my two worlds and it takes up such a big part of my heart. I have seen what the money we raise can do and I can’t wait to see how this year goes.”