My thoughts on the Jonas Brothers’ return

Megahn Quinn, Advertising Manager

At first glance, the majority of the month of February could be categorized as short and simple. Sure, there were some political and entertainment scandals thrown into the mix, but there wasn’t anything we aren’t used to. However, then Feb. 28 came around, and the world received a gift that they weren’t expecting.


The former members of the beloved Jonas Brothers – Nick, Kevin, and Joe Jonas – announced on their social media that they would be reuniting once more! This was only the beginning, as they had announced that they would be releasing a new song, “Sucker,” at midnight as well as  taking over “The Late Late Show with James Corden” for an entire week.


Growing up, this band was one of the main focuses of my attention. I remember going to my first concert of theirs for their Burnin’ Up Tour, which included Demi Lovato, and the preparation beforehand that my sisters and I had to do in order to feel truly ready to go. The hand-made t-shirts we carefully crafted with our favorite member on the sleeve and the poorly-made posters that were unfortunately thrown aside due to strict venue rules helped change my life for the better. You shouldn’t even get me started on how I felt when I found out that they were breaking up.


During the past six years, these boys have taken this break as a way to come into their own individual personas. Joe tried, briefly, to embark on a solo career, releasing one album before forming his band, DNCE. Kevin is thriving in the real estate industry with a wife and two daughters, while Nick is killing it as a solo act and recently married the woman of his dreams, Priyanka Chopra. It makes perfect sense that now that they have been able to become their ideal person, they would come back together as the strong force that everyone has loved and adored.


Their new song “Sucker” perfectly embodies the changes that the boys went through over the years. Rather than singing about an unknown individual, they sang about how much they loved their wives (or in Joe’s case, fiancée) and how devoted they were to them. This new, mature version of the Jonas Brothers has made me excited about what the boys have hidden up their sleeves for the future.


Will there be an album coming? If so, will there be any featured artists like on their fourth album, “Lines, Vines, and Trying Times”? Maybe even a summer or fall tour? All I know is that wherever the Jonas Brothers decide to take their comeback, I’ll be supporting them along the way.