Why I am moving to California after graduation

Kaitlyn Cameron, Social Media Manager

For as long as I can remember I have dreamed of living on the West Coast, particularly in California. As much as I love fall on the East Coast and the changing of the seasons, I feel as though being in the warm weather with palm trees and beaches is a much better fit for me.

I was originally planning on going to college in California so I could settle in as soon as possible, meet new people and get to know my way around. However, after visiting Iona, I fell in love with the school and decided to put my move to the West Coast on hold – for the time being. I have loved every minute of my last four years here at Iona surrounded by the amazing people I have met while just a short commute away from my family. However, as graduation gets closer and all of us seniors begin to think about life after college, this idea of starting a new chapter of my life brings back my thoughts of wanting to move across the country to the West Coast.

Being interested in entertainment and the movie industry as a career choice makes California one of the best places for job opportunities after graduation. Finding an entry-level position at a PR firm or entertainment company in Los Angeles would be perfect and attainable, given the knowledge and experience I have been provided with here at Iona. There are a variety of opportunities within my career field, and the semi fast-paced yet easygoing lifestyle that many people in California have is appealing to me.

While it is scary to think of a life away from my family and friends, I’m excited to take a leap of faith and begin this new stage of my life, in a place where I’ve always dreamt of living while working in a field that I am very passionate about. That said, I am glad that I decided to stay on the East Coast these last four years instead of shipping off to California right away, because these last four years have made me more ready and prepared to live on my own in a new place with new people and new experiences. I feel more ready than ever to take what I have learned and try to make a successful career for myself in a place full of opportunity. I look forward to getting out of my comfort zone and achieving the goals and aspirations I have set for myself while at Iona.

This bittersweet feeling is something many of us seniors have to deal with as we reach our final months of college. It is time now to move forward and achieve the goals we have set for ourselves these last four years and see where life takes us. I look forward to this journey and my future life after college where I can use the lessons and experiences I have gained here at Iona to grow and succeed. Best of luck to the graduating class of 2019 and go Gaels!