New hair trends to look forward to this spring season

Katherine Daly , Staff Writer

Anyone who has ever had that crazy impulse to book a hair appointment and do something drastic with their locks knows the power of hair. A new look is associated with making a fresh start, with new beginnings and opportunities. It’s almost magical how cutting, coloring and shaping your hair can alter your look entirely.

“It’s important to do what makes you happy,” junior Christa Ryan said. “Finding a hairstyle or trend that works for you is just half the battle.”

Most college students know that spring break is a time to kick back and relax in sweatpants for the next week, or go on vacation to get away from the bitter cold. However, it can also be a time to try new things. Whether it’s the return of the pixie cut or working out this year’s craziest hair colors, the new year brings the perfect opportunity to try out the most amazing hairstyles and trends.

Most of us have a signature style that will always be around, but it might be interesting to update our hair once in a while. In 2018, we embraced gray hair, brought back the bangs and enjoyed the comeback of the buzz cut.

Now, with a new year of hair trends on the way, we can investigate what’s hot and what’s not. Many celebrities and Instagram influencers also help inspire the latest looks that catch your eye.

“We all have different ideas when it comes to style, yet your appearance tells the world so much about you and sparks individualism,” freshman Shania Louis said.

Most common hairstyles can be split into two categories: The “simplistic” look or the “wild” look. A large amount of Iona students are in the category of simplistic.

The simplistic looks are natural and easy. It’s less time consuming, but you have to be careful not to lose the finesse or originality you would get more easily with a slightly more out-there hairstyle.

Students have become less fussy when it comes to hairstyles and just letting their hair fall into place. Long and natural hair is in as most people just wear their hair down, sometimes pulling it back with a hat or a headband. This style was first introduced in the late 1970s, as people opted for hair that demanded less work other than washing and brushing. This is one of many trends that has resurged, perhaps due to bands such as HAIM, who have made it their signature style. Looking around campus it is clear that long, healthy hair is in.

Another one of these simplistic looks would be the pixie cut. The pixie cut has, without a doubt, made a comeback over the years. There are even celebrities now rocking the look. There’s something easy and simple about chopping off all of your hair. How can it be messy and difficult if you don’t have much hair left? It often helps frame the face for students who have been looking for something a little different as well.

On the other end of the hair spectrum we have the “wild” category. Where people refuse to be boring or mistaken for anyone else. This category is all about standing out and making your hair look exactly how you want it to without worrying about anyone else’s opinion. They want to be creative and unique, so they design their hair in fascinating ways, letting it become unrecognizable in passing and even dying it fun colors just to be more outrageous and show off their uniqueness. The most memorable style like this would be the shaved side, where individuals shave one side of their head, and leave the rest longer.

Shaved sides became a huge hit in 2015 and are still very popular.

Another wild look could be the boxer braids. These wild types of hairstyles don’t always have to be outlandish, but they do need to look unique. The boxer braids are complicated and quirky. They’re known for looking different and have found their place in society as a style. Oddly enough, they became popular among women boxers and are now how people sometimes style their hair before they hit the gym.

Hairstyles aren’t a gender thing and as mentioned earlier, your hair plays an important part in your overall look, no matter who you are.

“People should be free to do what they want,” senior Brian Hutchinson said. “Looks are always changing, but that doesn’t stop me from ignoring it.”

More and more men are pushing the boundaries of men’s hairstyles. These kinds of styles don’t always have much variety but are important to mention.

“If women have [hair] standards, why shouldn’t men?” Louis said.

Most men have a crew cut, which is a classic look. Think of thick locks that stand upright on top of someone’s head. The other style to mention is the quiff. While it’s similar to an outlandish look, it can also be passed off as a professional one. The look came into popularity in the mid-2000s when the long-hair-over-the-forehead look died down. The best example of this look are boy bands such as One Direction making it their signature style.

This year, it’s all about going for it. Be adventurous and try new things. Go dye your hair, grow it out or even cut it. It’s all up to you. Just remember everyone has different hair lengths, colors and styles in mind, so don’t be afraid to experiment. It’s just a matter of time before you find that perfect look.