Spring fashion highlights neutral tones, color-blocking



Trends are always changing and this spring is no exception. Styles to look out for this season include bike shorts, floral prints and pastel colors.

Aliyah Rodriguez, Staff Writer

Daylight saving time has come, which means spring is just over the horizon. With warm weather finally on the way, many may be wondering how to transition from the burden of winter layers to something lighter. New York, Paris, London and Milan’s fashion weeks are behind us, and it’s time to look towards the spring fashion trends that everyone will be rocking this year.


You may have noticed Instagram influencers wearing many shades of brown and tan in recent weeks. Bright colors are out, neutrals are in. Dressing in neutral tones from top to bottom is a guaranteed way to look put-together and classy while still managing to stay on trend. It seems fall and spring colors have made a switch over the past few years, with neons and pastels being more popular in the fall months, and neutrals or darker shades becoming popular in the spring. Don’t forget the matching shoes!

While neutrals have been big on the runways, yellows were also a hit! Whether it be a sundress, a blazer or even a classic top, wearing yellow tones is a surefire way to stay on trend without breaking a budget too much. Don’t be afraid to go for such a bold color! Any yellow pieces could easily be dressed up or dressed down with the right accessories. If a bright yellow is too much, look for a muted or pastel yellow. A pop of color, no matter how toned down, can often make an outfit.

Cycling shorts, otherwise known as bike shorts, also made an appearance on the runways this year. They have been popularized by social media influencers and celebrities such as Kim Kardashian. Bike shorts are another piece that you can dress it down, with a simple tee or sweatshirt, or dress it up with a blazer and some heels. For some, the bike short trend may be slightly unusual or out of their comfort zone. However, as fast as fashion recycles and moves on to different trends, the look might be gone before you know it! Now is the perfect time to try it while the style is in!

Another fashion trend seen on the runways is color-blocking. Color-blocking is taking colors that are on different sides of the color wheel and piecing them together in an outfit to make an interesting, complementary look. It’s a style that originally took off in the 1960s and is now making a reappearance. Be on the lookout for unique color-block pieces that you can add to your outfit.


Lastly, going for the obvious, florals are always in. Don’t go too crazy with the floral looks, but a floral piece here and there with each outfit is a simple way to announce that spring is here. Don’t be afraid to go out there with your floral print – look for unusual patterns, colors or flower designs. Now is the perfect time to try it!

These trends are all brought to us by London, Milan and Paris Fashion Weeks, and I’m sure we could all find an outfit or two that makes us question what these designers are thinking. With that being said, the easiest way to stay on trend if you’re not a fashionista is to ask your friends what looks they think are in, or even look to influencers on social media to provide some guidance. Here are some fashion trends that Iona students are looking forward to in the spring.

“Jean skirts and sundresses are cute,” sophomore Brianna Fornasari said. This is also the first year that Fornasari’s purchasing a jean skirt because she saw influencers on YouTube wearing them.

“Short sleeve button-down shirts,” junior Matt Ferrera said. “Not formal but they dress up a simple outfit.”

“I love my scarves and all, but nothing’s better than wearing Birkenstocks, ripped jeans, and a plain T-shirt in the spring,” sophomore Kiara Demosthene said.

“I’m just looking forward to not wearing a heavy jacket,” freshman Noah Darden said. “Maybe some shorts if it’s warm enough.”

If you’re not interested in wearing any particular outfit, some essentials for the spring season that have been seen on the runway are light denim and leather jackets, simplistic jewelry and neutral-toned shoes. Trying not to break the bank? Stores such as H&M, Forever21 or FashionNova can be great places to find some of these styles for a lower price.

No matter what your look is this spring, “on trend” or not, be sure to rock it with confidence!