Experiences of being a transfer student at Iona

Kasey Campbell, Staff Writer

Iona College is home to a diverse student body, with students from all over the country and international community, as well as students that transfer to the college. Just like any other school, Iona has benefits and drawbacks for transfer students. For some, the school is very adaptable to make new students feel at home. For others, starting off fresh at a new school can be more challenging.

Applying to transfer to Iona is a fairly simple process. According to the Iona College website, Iona bases their applications off of a rolling basis, so there are no specific deadlines, which can be beneficial for students who are not yet sure if they want to transfer. The college also offers exclusive academic scholarships and financial aid for transfer students, helping many pay for school in the long run. Additionally, Iona seeks out a 2.5 cumulative GPA from all institutions in order to transfer. These essentials help many students get through the sometimes stressful application process, ensuring a smooth transition!

There are plenty of clubs and organizations that transfer students can join. There is a wide variety of clubs at Iona, ranging from academic clubs, club sports, media clubs, multicultural groups, performing arts groups and leadership clubs. With all of these options, there are plenty of places for students to meet others and find their niche. Additionally, transfer students are also eligible to join Greek life after their first semester, which can give many students a sense of pride and community.

Junior transfer student Megan Cannon, who is also a member of the Phi Sigma Sigma sorority on campus, says that joining Greek life helped her transition to a new school.

“Coming into Iona knowing no one was quite scary,” Cannon said. “Joining Greek life helped me make so many friends at a new school and encouraged me to help the Iona community.”

Iona advisors are willing to work with transfer students as well. Assistant Director of Undergraduate Admissions & Transfer Coordinator Daniel Arndt is the main point of contact with any transfer admission questions and concerns.

Sophomore transfer student Erin O’Donnell says that Arndt was helpful and accommodating in the transfer process. She also referenced advisor Stephen Scollard for help in the course selection process.

Starting at a new school is not always easy, as the period of adjustment for new students can be quite difficult. Sophomore transfer student Alisha Keller has adjusted to Iona but had a hard time in the beginning.

“Before the clubs and activities started, it was hard to meet people at Iona,” Keller said. “Luckily, I made lots of friends and can finally call Iona my home.”

Iona offers reserved housing for all transfer students in the residence halls. Many transfer students live in Hales Hall, Conese Hall and Loftus Hall. Transfer students are either randomly grouped together, or some choose roommates to live with.

Transferring may be a rough adjustment for some, but by getting involved, being social and trying their best to succeed, students can make the best of the rest of their college career at Iona.