Mazzella Field renovated in time for upcoming seasons

Ryan McFadden, Sports Editor

At the end of May, students were embarking on summer break and seniors were taking a big step in life at Madison Square Garden. The college itself, however, began laying the foundation for a new Mazzella Field.

Construction workers started by taking out the old turf and replaced it with a new turf that’s more enhanced and better for Iona’s athletes, who practice and play their games on the field. When June came around, the field was already in place. The only thing that was needed was the logo in the middle of the field.

Instead of the emblem that was on the old turf (a maroon and gold “I”), Iona is spelled out in the middle. When June 22 came around, the field was finished and ready to be used.

The field has since been used by the men’s and women’s soccer, lacrosse and rugby teams. Women’s soccer head coach Sarah Brady adores the new field and believes the turf benefits her team’s style of play.

“The pitch is beautiful,” Brady said. “The design is simply a high quality finish so it enhances our possession style of play.”

Brady was grateful for the administration and the Mazzella family for the making the new field possible.

“I believe our administration and the Mazzella family have come through big for all of our athletes with the gift of a new playing surface,” she said. “We are delighted and very grateful.”

Brady’s players share the same love for Mazzella field, and are thrilled every time they step on the field to practice or play a game.

“Our athletes absolutely love it. Any time an athlete gets to play on a high quality pitch they are thrilled,” Brady said. “We get to do it every day so we have a lot of very happy athletes at this time.”

The new Mazzella Field means more than just a playing area for the student-athletes. The field brings a fresh look to Iona, a school with plans to make major improvements in the near future.

“I think it brings the Iona College mission to life,” Brady said. “Our core values center around investing in our people to ‘Build Champions’ and the new surface is definitely a healthy investment that the whole community can enjoy.”