Guide to the 2017-18 Ionian Sports Section

Ryan McFadden, Sports Editor

Hello, readers!

This is Ryan McFadden, sports editor of The Ionian. I want to first welcome everyone back to another school year. I’m sure it’s going to be a fun year – besides the hours in the library, studying for test and writing papers, of course.

School starting back up also means that The Ionian is back in action and ready to provide the Iona community news and other information.

The sports section of the newspaper has new plans this year, which will be different from Ionian newspapers in the past. Here is a rundown of what to expect this year and beyond.

First off, the sports section plans to expand its coverage of Iona College athletics through social media and other online media platforms. Readers will not have to wait every two weeks for the paper to come out to get information on Iona College sports.

You will be able to get constant updates by following the sports section on Twitter and Instagram as well as the Ionian Website.


Twitter: @IonianSports

Instagram: @IonianSports

The sports section’s Twitter and Instagram page will be for photos, game updates, videos and player interviews. Check the Ionian website daily as the sports section will be posting game recaps, feature stories, news updates and opinion pieces as well.

The sports section has put together a staff of writers that is geared to provide readers quality journalism and keep you up to date on what is going on at Iona. Below is the list of writers, and what they will be covering during the fall semester.

Ryan McFadden (junior): Volleyball and Men’s Basketball

Will Schneiderhan (senior): Women’s Soccer

Tevan Costoso (junior): Men’s Soccer and Women’s Basketball

Matthew Garber (freshman): Golf

There are still plenty of positions on the sports section that need to be filled. If you are interested in writing or contributing to the Ionian Sports Section, email [email protected]. We are always looking for more people to get involved.

Each athlete and coach has a story to tell. The goal for the sports section is to tell those stories to the Iona community the best way we can.

With that being said, be sure pick up the newspaper throughout the semester and follow The Ionian on social media. You won’t regret it!