Letter to the Editor: Why students should attend Mass Comm panel

Jillian Venditti WICR President

Note: The previous online and print version did not state that March 26 is the date of the event. The confirmed information is as follows: Monday March 26 at 7p.m. The online version has been updated.

WICR President senior Jillian Venditti writes about the importance of the upcoming event.

The upcoming Mass Communication career panel will benefit all of the current MCO students. The panel will be featuring professionals who are currently in each field of concentration and they will provide their personal stories of how they entered their field, as well as advice on how students can enter the field.

For those students who aren’t exactly sure which concentration they wish to specify in, or those who are considering majoring in Mass Communication, this panel will be of great help! Listening to professionals speak about their personal experiences in their fields is always valuable. Though no two experiences are exactly the same, it is still one of the most influential and helpful aspects to deciding which path to take.

            Students who will be attending should most definitely have questions in mind for the panelists. A book or article cannot provide insight into how the actual world works, but the panelists sure can. Hearing and learning from real life experiences is one of the best ways to gain insight on anything. So why wouldn’t students attend such an event?

 It’s the perfect opportunity to take one more step towards a great career! Having such an opportunity is great since this is the first time a career event will include people who are actually in mass communication-related fields, not just employees in the sales department of a network. This is the first time that students will hear from professionals from all four concentrations at one time; it’s the ideal event for an undecided student. Even students who are in their final year should attend, as it never hurts to attend an event like this.

            What makes this event even greater is that some of the panelists teach here at Iona already, so they are familiar faces and not strangers. This makes it easier for students to ask questions and makes the professionals more relatable — sometimes it is difficult to sit and listen to a complete stranger talk about their career, especially if they are no longer working in the field, but this event won’t be as such. And, who knows, a student in the audience may feel inspired to take a class with one of the panelists.

            Make sure to attend the event! Bring those questions and be ready to receive tips and advice on entering the workforce!


Jillian Venditti

President of WICR


The Ionian is one of the organizations co-sponsoring the event.


The event is on March 26 at 7p.m. in Romita Auditorium in Ryan Library. The event is co-sponsored by the Mass Communications Department, ICTV, WICR, The Ionian and SGA President Erin Kutch.